Just Another Day In Russia - #79[REDDIT REVIEW]
normal day in russia
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  • Randominator

    12:11 That's either Serbian or Croatian, probably Croatian, judging from his accent.

  • Damon Hunnicutt
    Damon Hunnicutt


  • lovre strika
    lovre strika

    12:30 is not rusian

  • Jovana Ignjatović
    Jovana Ignjatović

    12:08 this is not a Russian video, it's Serbian tho :)

  • GibDieWärmane

    Пьюдіпай. Коли ти додаси українські субтитри, а то я погано знаю англійську

  • no name
    no name

    3:51 buddha-kontekst if you find my comment then read the below one as well

  • Бaрон Никак
    Бaрон Никак

    10:25 its not funny subtitles, its accurate :D

  • Roko Gaming
    Roko Gaming

    12:07 It's actually in Croatia.

  • Witch's HeART
    Witch's HeART

    Edgars yawn made me yawn

  • Maria 361
    Maria 361

    More videos like this please :)

  • Jesse Zhimomi
    Jesse Zhimomi

    He needs a trans now

  • Языковой Канал LingvostudiA
    Языковой Канал LingvostudiA

    Guys, don't think we are out of our fucking minds out there. It's just a coincidence caught on the video. We aren't nuts.

  • Edgar Arshakyan
    Edgar Arshakyan

    Ayyy where my Edgar’s at

  • daniil umanskiy
    daniil umanskiy

    The subtitles are correct

  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez

    Who would win in a fight, Florida man or Russian man

  • abdou lionpard
    abdou lionpard

    how many do you make pewdiepie ؟

  • Bartol Baletić
    Bartol Baletić

    The video at 12:28 was Croatian and not Russian

  • Дарья Харина
    Дарья Харина

    12:08-12:32 is not in russian. maybe in serbian I'm not sure

  • Glawdog

    Мужик гду русские субтитры на видео про росию

  • Ruben Vorster
    Ruben Vorster

    Anyone got WII vibes from dat intro??

  • Amazing Duck
    Amazing Duck

    10:30 as a Russian i qualify the subtitles accurate

  • Aud Karlsen
    Aud Karlsen


  • Ромчик Пончик
    Ромчик Пончик

    Такое ощущение что русский говорит на ломанном английском

  • Anonym

    WTF 108m subscribe!!

  • PS1H


  • iamnotilyas a
    iamnotilyas a

    Тут хоть один русский напишите по русский

  • Lewiafun Yt
    Lewiafun Yt

    Поставьте лайк типо тут что-то смешное

  • gavin ortuoste
    gavin ortuoste

    Black plains FELIX ITS A SHADOW

  • Emil Bahshinyan
    Emil Bahshinyan

    In Russia very hot

  • Emil Bahshinyan
    Emil Bahshinyan

    It’s not true Russia

  • Emil Bahshinyan
    Emil Bahshinyan

    Не смешно

  • Miss Meggie
    Miss Meggie

    Someone told me that Russians weren't allowed to use the internet when I was a teen so i actively sought out a Russian person to talk to 🤣

  • ggjealous apple
    ggjealous apple

    Edger won't be able to sleep in my home since I'll always be kissing him or hugging him.

  • Rockstar Yogiraj
    Rockstar Yogiraj

    "0:13" Happy to get a lot of 💎 from *FF2.ONLINE** 📌📌 😍 දැන් එය සොයා ගැනීමට කැමතියි

  • Anna Levcenko
    Anna Levcenko

    yea corecct

  • doge Studio
    doge Studio

    i was born in russia adopted when i was 2

  • Huskar Segal
    Huskar Segal

    Где русский субтитры сука

  • Old York Productions
    Old York Productions

    10:15 I'm proud to say as a Russian subscriber that that is indeed what he said and the subtitles were not fake.

  • Kabanos Chili
    Kabanos Chili

    Holy water is normal water that is "holied" by the priest

  • Seth Imran
    Seth Imran

    How dare you steal this from papa kalash

  • Munkhtsolmon Namnansuren
    Munkhtsolmon Namnansuren

    Pls let edgar take a nap peacefully

  • Кто То
    Кто То

    Блин где субтитры

  • Sally Paradise
    Sally Paradise

    -- it's not what he's saying i hate to break it to you, but it is

  • Harrison Avettant
    Harrison Avettant

    Me: *buys soviet game* What I get: Welcome to the pizza pie factory, would you like some wine?

  • Merrhik Anime
    Merrhik Anime

    Америка Америка Америка 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Owen Oliver
    Owen Oliver

    Great intro really nostalgic

  • Ba6 Gaming
    Ba6 Gaming

    The Russian translation is correct...

  • Rajiv Bansi
    Rajiv Bansi

    I subscribe you....

  • Rkent11 Gaming
    Rkent11 Gaming

    Fun fact in Russia the call it Rosia

  • santi el cósmico
    santi el cósmico

    el comentario en español que querias

  • Ace Q
    Ace Q

    Okay but that intro is incredible- and now the intro is like a distorted scribble lmfao

  • Nolan Patrick
    Nolan Patrick

    I’ve been in a comatose state for the last 6 months and I come back to this

  • Drew Jacques
    Drew Jacques

    You can tell that Edgar really does not whant to be there.

  • zombiehawk1998

    why the Italian accent then?

  • Play Маркет
    Play Маркет

    Нихуя не понятно, но очень интересно.

  • Данил Ларионов
    Данил Ларионов

    Translation is absolutely accurate

  • Just Maksim
    Just Maksim

    I’m Russian and he truly said it was like that but it was yellow

  • Sofia Dj
    Sofia Dj

    @12:08 that’s Serbian not Russian but countries are pretty much the same 😂

  • Stuart Evans
    Stuart Evans

    Dat intro doe

  • Parag Misra
    Parag Misra

    The national ride of Russia lada and a flipping bear

  • Deviant Design
    Deviant Design

    The clip at 12:20 is in Serbian, not russian. We are being decieved.

  • SenpaiYoshi Gaming
    SenpaiYoshi Gaming

    Me and the boys gonna go to Patriot Park

  • Henrihenrioo BA
    Henrihenrioo BA

    Who came here from boris vadims.

  • Мелисса

    I’m from Russia🗿

  • Marlon Villanueva
    Marlon Villanueva

    You are dream

  • Omnikenny

    Russian pewdiepie with a wolf

  • Teddy C
    Teddy C

    Does anyone know the name of the reddit this content is from??

  • yes_your_ded

    Lol drew durnil vewied the same ones

  • Lime Dragon
    Lime Dragon

    I can't concentrate on the video with Edgar cam. Tried to rewatch the video to pay attention and just ended up staring at Edgar again.

  • Anastasia handa
    Anastasia handa

    That Russian guy actually said that

  • Dariakj

    It's the correct subtitles! Trust the Russian bros!

  • Jude Hubbard
    Jude Hubbard

    1:08 Planes always land, it's just a case whether you survive or not ;)

  • YouTube Gamer
    YouTube Gamer

    Ты глупый

  • Edoardo Gori
    Edoardo Gori

    Stop hating on Edgar tho


    pin me and i will sub

  • Agnieszka Bor
    Agnieszka Bor

    Poland:Rosja jest xd śmieszna

  • blaz r
    blaz r


  • unni krishnan
    unni krishnan


  • Danica Markovic
    Danica Markovic

    12:21this isn't actually in russian. It's in serbian.

  • DireckT



    pewds watching with his poodle: me watching pewds with my whole bear gang

  • Akash Kunte
    Akash Kunte

    In India, 10 cops catch one thief. In Russia, One cop catches 10 thieves at once.

    • Dhananjay Vasudeva
      Dhananjay Vasudeva

      Plot twist the thieves are the real cops

  • Russian Empress
    Russian Empress

    As a Russian I truly find some of this hilarious because some of it is very accurate .

  • Юргенс Ройфе
    Юргенс Ройфе

    Тоже поржал, но дохера видео не из России.

  • Karen Parry
    Karen Parry

    I thought the intro was a Mario add

  • Chrome Gecko
    Chrome Gecko

    Actually for the most part what he said was true the subtitles weren't wrong

  • Yousef Berri
    Yousef Berri


  • John Hamm
    John Hamm


  • iiBerry

    Edgar - Sleep Please Felix - I shall now shake you

  • Дим Димыч
    Дим Димыч

    Россия рулит ! 😂👌 Россия супер Россия класс кто не верит тому в глаз 😂 I'm sorry 😅

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    It's a shadow Felix

  • Chilli G
    Chilli G

    Edgar is a mood. 😴

  • Relja Ris
    Relja Ris

    12:39 this is croatia not Russia


    10:21 can confirm thats what he said

  • Andrew Beaver
    Andrew Beaver

    I'm surprised you'd put your name on a proven addictive product... haven't you called caffeine a drug before?

  • Абщхда Адхща
    Абщхда Адхща

    Приезжай in Russia

  • ZQ

    edgar looks like he has depression and wants to die

  • RRR T 3
    RRR T 3

    Я из России

  • izan samsudin
    izan samsudin

    I have one question..... are you flyingkitty? Answer me

  • Wyatt Youdontneedtoknow
    Wyatt Youdontneedtoknow

    Who wants to come to my chat

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