Ranking Girls by Appearance
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  • straccia tella
    straccia tella

    I'm a girl and I don't understand why girls like kristen bell type girls?!

  • Jaclyn Gee
    Jaclyn Gee

    a tan and Asian girl: rated first the others: american beauty standards say poc bad grr

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter

    I would rank the criminology one higher just for the fact that I want to ask lots of questions

  • jackoholics

    The one chick had way to much confidence pissed me off

  • Isabela Bassett
    Isabela Bassett

    Wait in this displates thing If I try to put one up in my rented apartment am going to damage the wall

  • Jim Mcneal
    Jim Mcneal

    If I were to judge i would put it like that: 1)Maria("the most beautiful in the room" girl) 2)michelle(asian girl) 3)kaylynn(black girl) and jordan(chubby girl). I can't place one above other, Jordan has prettier face, and Kaylynn has fitter body. 4)Annie(she looks like feminist and i don't like that) How would you rate them?

  • Zugzug Zugzugson
    Zugzug Zugzugson

    asian girl was cute, yes, probably deserved the number 1. blonde looked like the type of girl who constantly talks about being vegan, refuses to drink milk and gives you 'the eyes' when she sees you eat a burger. black girl had a nice body but her face was... well.. i still think she should at least have been 3rd for fitness alone. too much makeup for the girl who ended up 2nd, i think she should have been 4th, very average looking... dunno who to replace her with though... nah keep her 2nd actually. fat chick, well duh of course she was last, because guess what; social media lies to you when they talk about +size 'beauty'... you could have the best personality ever, but the blubber will still land you last on the list of choices because men's lizard brain looks at that and goes "infertile, lazy, hindrance for survival" etc.. sorry not sorry.

  • Logan Lynn
    Logan Lynn

    there all ug as shit

  • CondorAAV

    Why is there two pewdiepie’s in the same room with the same setup?

  • zingiestmeerkat

    13:28 @SJW’s

  • jfrbroadcast

    The guys list was so much more accurate in my opinion.

  • Soggi_Pancakes

    Michelle is most attractive for me

  • Konradius

    I knew who was the least attractive 2 seconds in

  • Tazinator 102
    Tazinator 102

    pewdiepie is trying so damn hard to not get cancelled

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith

    Somebody help I forgot how to get INlabel to play in background and my crush is texting me but I wanna watch pewdiepie

  • MagicDragon93

    To be honest the girl in fourth was better looking than the girl in third, but I agree with the guys placement for her cause she just had a bitchy vibe about her

  • Funky Monky5
    Funky Monky5

    10:09 that girl was so upset about bing put in her place

  • Murplesman

    Blonde lady is an immediate last place based on personality. I would 100% put the chubby lady above her.

  • Chubbyz VR
    Chubbyz VR

    13:27 You know he wanted to say more

  • Ingy studios
    Ingy studios

    The quiet girl always get last (when girls rank eachother)

  • Haven Rose
    Haven Rose

    The ladies put that one girl last because they envy their beauty

  • Tracey Lohman
    Tracey Lohman

    I agree with Felix’s order. I literally said that order before he said it and when woahhhhh when he said the same one😂

  • beep face derby facepalm
    beep face derby facepalm

    First number is what they ranked themselves: 1-5 2-2 3-4 4-3 5-1

  • sarah the snake
    sarah the snake

    i would’ve put the blonde girl last lowkey. she just had such bad and annoying vibes, i think the other girls beat her

  • John Levin
    John Levin

    Blondie looks like she works at buzzfeed

  • people are cute
    people are cute

    Real talk here, I don't think the bigger girl got put last because she's fat, but because of her features and how she decides to style them, like she isn't really attractive to me, but not cuz of her weight, I actually tend to like chubby and fat girls, it's her fiscal traits are just not my type

  • Sky C
    Sky C

    ps i dont think women do this instinctually or naturally I believe it is because of our life experiences and how we were raised

  • Márton Puskás
    Márton Puskás

    I like how Jorge is just wearing boxer shorts and short socks, he looks like a male stripper from the hip down. :D

    • Márton Puskás
      Márton Puskás

      at 11:02

  • Thomas Tosti
    Thomas Tosti

    u look like a killer from the 80´s with the mustasch and a knife

  • Cole Tierney
    Cole Tierney

    Jordan seems cool

  • MysticalSkyMonkey

    the whole premise of this video makes me want to die

  • Neam Raven
    Neam Raven

    14:13 With that answer, you just went down to #5. You're not even the most attractive girl in this room.

  • Gianmarco Mazzella di Bosco
    Gianmarco Mazzella di Bosco

    As a guy, I think Asian girls underrate themselves a lot, Michelle was clearly just as if not more attractive than Maria


    fElIx HaTeS cHuBbY gIrLs

  • Neam Raven
    Neam Raven

    These girls are all 6s and under, but the guys ranked them mostly right. Asian girl definitely first. I would switch blonde girl and black girl, maybe even put the back girl in second place. She looks like she has the most fit body of all of them. Asian girl has a cute face but she is a bit overweight actually. And the girl in second place is also a bit too rounded. Black girl doesn't have the best face but she looks like she has the best body. I have no idea what blonde girl is going for with these clothes, but they are not doing her any favors.

    • Neam Raven
      Neam Raven

      @Rizvi Choudhury That's why I said she doesn't have the best face. Read it, it's up there. But out of the VERY limited options given in this lineup, she does have the best body.

    • Rizvi Choudhury
      Rizvi Choudhury

      Shouldve ranked 5th IMO

    • Rizvi Choudhury
      Rizvi Choudhury

      Bruhh have u seen the black girls nose

  • Alicia Garcia
    Alicia Garcia

    It would still b better if they did it individually n then reranked them on the avg

  • vito reich
    vito reich

    Pewds: Girl are quite a bit competitive. "Elementary school kids during PE"

  • Gg Guy
    Gg Guy

    First dude (last who came in) looks like Tyler1

  • Tomas Gilligan
    Tomas Gilligan

    nah why did she had to get colour out, like if u clapped u clapped. plus theres more black peolple in eeuu so the ''american standards'' didnt make sense since they picked the asian and then hispanian girls first

  • Tomas Gilligan
    Tomas Gilligan

    11:28 he speaks for the boi community

  • OneTwoMark

    Black girl would’ve been 2 or 3 for me. So thinking just cause she black she couldn’t be high is another insecurity of hers I guess.

  • Tomas Gilligan
    Tomas Gilligan

    the part of wait wait iyts 5 to one killed me

  • CAD Design
    CAD Design

    The guys nailed it. The black girl would possibly move up a spot if she stopped gluing those ridiculous brooms on her eyelids.

  • SadHappy


  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia

    Yo did anyone else read the subtitle when pewds said “rate them” at 12:39 , but the subtitle recorded “raped them”!?!?!?

  • Hunter Brown
    Hunter Brown

    The blondes face before and after crack

  • Davis Abraham
    Davis Abraham

    11:28 Maa boii Anthony spittin facts out here LMAO

  • Rofiudin Ali
    Rofiudin Ali

    U are sane felix

  • Davis Abraham
    Davis Abraham

    Im really sorry but i need to tell you guys about a really important message: Roses are red, violets are blue There’s always an asian better than you. (On everything)

  • Davis Abraham
    Davis Abraham

    Women is so competitive at trying to be attractive.👀

  • Alex Toon
    Alex Toon

    10:12 the rage in the blonde ones face tho

  • Nikhil Baghel
    Nikhil Baghel

    10:10 just look at the face of blonde girl when she realises that they are switching her. I mean Bruhhh...

  • anonim

    Michelle in my opinion is the nicest and cutest one and she got put in 5? Damn...

  • aragoto dragons
    aragoto dragons

    ayo why do marias all look kinda alike 💀my name is maria too and she’s basically me in a different font 😭

  • OCarragher

    I think Jeremy is high

  • Drew Falke
    Drew Falke

    It’s fine to judge by personality but let’s not call it attractiveness the two are separate and that’s ok.

  • AppalachianWolf

    Asian girl is definitely the cutest.

  • Brady Anderson
    Brady Anderson

    "She kinda looks like Kristen Bell, and I really like kristen bell." This guy is just tryna get Kristen Bell to notice him

  • The last time I took a shower was
    The last time I took a shower was

    lmao look at her face at 10:26😂😂😂😂


    When pewds was talking about that girls should come in and rank them! INlabel SUBTITLES THOUGHT IT WAS “GIRLS SHOULD COME IN AND RAPE THEM” WTF?!?!?!

  • Drew Coppola
    Drew Coppola


    • Drew Coppola
      Drew Coppola


    • Drew Coppola
      Drew Coppola


  • DirtyCarlton

    The guys video was a little funny, but the girls are so cringe wanna say they the cutest but busy being fake.

  • Alana Rodriguez
    Alana Rodriguez

    “Mostly by personally” You don’t say....

  • grumblefalls

    10:10 blonde girls face. she looks fucking raging.

  • Shamaad Clack
    Shamaad Clack

    imo the order should be hispanic brown skin asian dress blondie

  • maxwell s.strings
    maxwell s.strings

    The way the men ranked them lines up super accurately with that research study done with online dating and attractiveness by race the results found that for women Asian women received the most interest then latinas then white women then black women. Interesting to see it play out exactly like that.

  • Lord Clown
    Lord Clown

    No, legit, part of it was judged by personality. Michelle seemed kinder, sweeter. And the blonde seemed very uh KAREN

  • Xpert Killler
    Xpert Killler

    No makeup addition

  • The GameReaper
    The GameReaper

    if i were to rank it solely off looks it'd be 1 michelle 2 kaylyn 3 jordan 4 maria 5 annie but if personalities were included it would be 1 michelle...again :) 2 jordan 3 annie 4 maria 5 kaylyn, why does kay drop so far? well...i don't think i would get along with her, like i'd have to be the dude to post pics of me posing sagging with money, with guns or smoking, thats what i think she prefers or is attracted to but i could be wrong and thats ok if i am she could be into asian dudes idk but thats what she comes off as to me personally

  • maxwell s.strings
    maxwell s.strings

    That art print is cool who is it by? The purple one he said he would most likely hang up?

  • Zach Oswaldo
    Zach Oswaldo

    Black guy wanted that big one

  • Zach Oswaldo
    Zach Oswaldo


  • konstantinos stav
    konstantinos stav

    So we have reached the point where hagging posters is cool

  • Vishnu Ananthkumar
    Vishnu Ananthkumar

    the girl in 4th place wasnt in 4th place because she was black. it was due to her facial structure, but her assumption of it being a race thing makes her less attractive as a personality.

  • Sleepish

    PewdiePie: Its so worth it *laughs* PewDiePies Thoughts: I'm gonna get so much money off of this.



  • Matheus Marques
    Matheus Marques

    cutie exalted? yes justice was made

  • Lone Brot
    Lone Brot

    Bless you Michelle

  • Justus Ogbame
    Justus Ogbame

    Did y'all notice he actually ranked them same as the guys did in the videi

  • iamNeonce

    I want displate now

  • Justus Ogbame
    Justus Ogbame

    I would love to see PewDiePie in a movie

  • Chad Bitcoin
    Chad Bitcoin

    You can instantly tell that blonde one is the one you avoid at all costs

    • BeastVicious

      She's definitely a feminist.

  • Mylo87gamer

    I put the blonde one on 4

  • jaboi

    I feel like they kinda dissrespected the girl they put in last. I think she looks cute and like a generally fun person to be around. Id probably put her 3rd myself and then have the rest the same

  • tyranus7

    lol, great video... this shows how women has no idea what men find physically attractive , lol

  • Odi-Dean Ensink
    Odi-Dean Ensink

    Bruh you litterly got 4 million more views than them hahahaha

  • 1g Gs300Boi
    1g Gs300Boi

    Honestly. I found Jordan really attractive. Good sense of humor, seems really sweet, and honestly in my opinion she’s fairly attractive. I’d gladly take her out.

  • TemTactical

    Thet would have all been first in different races

  • Swaggymoose

    Felix tried so hard to not offend anybody

  • Tamu

    It's weird that the girls even think about race. When I see a beautiful person, I see a beautiful person, regardless of skin color. They could be green like Shrek for all I care about.

    • BeastVicious

      Everyone thinks about race. It's the most defining factor of ones identity.

  • mrLuckasman

    I always forget just how much people let race run their lives. 99% of guys in America don’t care they are just trying to get a girl lol

  • Junysan

    As a fellow fat girl, I knew the bigger girl was gonna end up last It be like that In my opinion, all of them are first place except the blonde girl, she was annoying

  • dragonclaw52100

    The guys watched them rank themselves

  • MATU

    MIchelle 1st FOR SURE

  • K9INE

    They got #1 and #2 correct at least

  • Josh T
    Josh T

    What I’ve found out after watching both, is that the lads are more honest with each other even if it upsets one or two of them but lie to themselves. But the women lie to each other and are honest in their own appearances. For me the order they put themselves in is the complete opposite. They all put themselves as 5 just so they wouldn’t make the others feel bad.

  • PaxBrickz

    one of the first steps in being "attractive" is to not say it out loud like you're the center of everything for me.

  • Ling TheAsian
    Ling TheAsian


  • Amber Beam
    Amber Beam

    bruh i never really care for sponsorships but i've been on displate looking for an hour now. will make awesome gifts!

  • Mr.Pigster

    6:44 I think it's like the opposite tho

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