The Most Insane Couple Ever.. TLC #11
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  • Drake Berry
    Drake Berry

    i’m american and i’m just sayin AMERICA IS DOGSHIT. it’s going downhill fast and Biden isn’t gonna help

  • Dimas Nawal Fadhillah
    Dimas Nawal Fadhillah

    paul so freaking weird but little stupid haha

  • beatriz nascimento
    beatriz nascimento

    Brasileiros sendo brasileiros kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • jack jack
    jack jack

    Why does Paul wear 3 condoms, to protect the one in the middle.

  • Shayantan Ganguly
    Shayantan Ganguly

    This guy needs a dose of indian parenting were they whoop the kids ass if they behave that badly... and trust me thats why indian kids are so well behaved and respectful to their elders

  • MidSleepMeister

    What is it with americans and ACs... Where I live we turn on the heater if it's cold and open the windows if it's hot. Pretty fucking simple...

  • Chris C.
    Chris C.

    Camera man fault for not being strapped wit a machete to fight off the man

  • Mercado Leila Toloza
    Mercado Leila Toloza

    Can we just admire the Saitama animation in the intro.

  • a lil bit of everything
    a lil bit of everything

    As for the rent situation. I have a house... 4 bed 2.5 bath large yard 2 stories and a garage and it's 850/ month. What part of America are they in?!?!

  • llewodcm20

    9:00 they don't bring security with the camera crew???

  • YoungJudge

    As an American I can say he’s absolutely right.

  • loftee

    I like how the robber just left the camera man film the whole process

  • shaun mathew
    shaun mathew

    Wtf does this mean

  • Brianna Bailey
    Brianna Bailey

    My mom would beat the absolute shit out of me if I ever spoke to her like that. Hand, spatula, hairbrush, sandal anything if I ever disrespected her like that.

  • Mateo Elhard
    Mateo Elhard

    2:40 "the other three-" (holds up four fingers)

  • MagicJaycee

    This guy reminds me of Alan from The Hangover XD

  • Jesse Cook
    Jesse Cook

    Karine dream house is actually over $20,000 at the least

  • Jyn I
    Jyn I


  • Felix Mikula
    Felix Mikula

    I love your one punch man opening

  • Sopiha Grace
    Sopiha Grace

    Pewdiepie: "Was that a gunshot?" My brazilian ass: "Yuuuup..."


    There's a says, "To know how a man will treats you better, see how he treats his mother." Hmm..


    I respect the One Man Punch scene in the intro.

  • Cocoa Gem Edits
    Cocoa Gem Edits

    An a.c. actually killed a baby in a stroller RIP

  • Sarah Ammons
    Sarah Ammons

    get tf out cocomelon

  • Kelly Lloyd
    Kelly Lloyd

    Pukie Pie🤮🤮

  • Alice Vilhena
    Alice Vilhena

    GTA Brazil version

  • LtDan

    You’re looking at houses in a trailer park don’t expect anything nice the state also matters

  • emma baite
    emma baite

    23:10 😭

  • Draymond Van Gundy
    Draymond Van Gundy

    America, a “first world” country

  • Satan 666
    Satan 666

    I want to say something jokingly mean about Paul but the 28000 comments already covered everything

  • Lily Jasmine Johnson
    Lily Jasmine Johnson

    AC falls Paul: runs in the woods

  • Lily Jasmine Johnson
    Lily Jasmine Johnson

    The weirdest shit I seen was that turtleneck you got on

  • qwertyman459

    its a stab vest silly.

  • jasmine mariduena
    jasmine mariduena

    why the moms eyebrows sperm shaped

  • Rob

    Love how PewDie can't pronounce the "S" properly hahha "vesht"

  • Kerberos

    That guy is so fucking delusional

  • Antônio de Assis
    Antônio de Assis

    imagine going to brazil

  • Kevin Paiz
    Kevin Paiz

    I be forgetting pewdiepie not from America 😂

  • Trenton Farris
    Trenton Farris

    I live in that city and I do not understand that rent either. All I can think is that landlady is used to renting to section 8 which is government paid housing and her rent is adjusted to what government will pay instead of what the market will pay which happens a lot. I don’t rent anymore but I never paid too much more than that price and got much nicer places to live. Pewds is looking at rent controlled rent prices which is fine but not comparable, there are upsides and downsides to any kind of housing policy. Yes the rent may be cheaper but rent control comes at the cost of a lot of things, one of the biggest is there isn’t enough money in it for developers to build new housing in rent controlled areas so they don’t which causes housing shortages as populations grow. The UK currently has this exact problem, it’s not felt by the rich like pewds but the poor are very familiar with the housing shortage because many of them are stuck living in shelters and camps because of it.

  • Vectavist224

    So if having a speech skill of 21 from Skyrim makes him a master, then what am I if I have a speech skill of 100 from Skyrim?

  • polly

    his poor mom. He's such a dick.

  • Tora Gylling
    Tora Gylling

    im so happy im not american! btw jag ar fran sverige!

  • Likithsai Konakanti
    Likithsai Konakanti

    Before pewds clarified for me I thought Paul said I’m a man-person

  • hi


  • Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom

    Yes, all you people who have always had money in your lives, some people have no choice. The shittiest house often beats the best street

  • Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom

    The Robert DeNiro face was strong in this episode

  • Ilyes Bahfir
    Ilyes Bahfir

    WTF!!!!!! why he didn't steal the camera from the cameraman

  • Sarah Perez
    Sarah Perez

    Honestly America kinda sucks, im thankful for all that i have here but they dont care about us. Take for example, corona. I live in houston texas where we have just hit 1mil cases and our governor refuses to go on lock down because it was bidens orders (our governor is a trump supporter). He rather have thousands, if not millions, die then to listen to a democrat who is actually worried for the people here. America sucks, people die everyday to this virus and alot of people have gone broke. To those who live in america we all know that you need money to survive here, 500cash is not enough for anything here

  • Yuqi Lol
    Yuqi Lol

    Felix: sorry American your great Me an American: mmmmm some of us

  • bugsy220791

    I love how pewds is a millionaire but remembers what it’s like to not be.


    he clearly is autistic cuz i am and i can see the issues he can't react properly to however ive grown out of this and he still hasn't cuz hes a mothers baby so hes mentally not there yet

  • babhie 愛
    babhie 愛

    Just another normal day in Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Ploy Ponsiri
    Ploy Ponsiri

    This guy is a joke.

  • Plur


  • Oʊdɪn

    edgar is going on vacation? good for him, he deserves it

  • lvnie

    paul is so weird omg

  • Brahim Aboud
    Brahim Aboud

    He is the most beta dude ever

  • Brahim Aboud
    Brahim Aboud

    He is the most beta dude ever

  • Snuzul

    f u, ima lay down 0:53

  • Gilbatrar

    I always feel like 80% of these shows are completely STAGED

  • vinessa sanford
    vinessa sanford

    Dude I'm American and can't even afford a place to live. If you don't have money, it sucks no matter where you are.

  • Plumbaman13

    I like how pewds caught himself talking about rich people

  • Plumbaman13

    I guess there’s no international shipping that could ship those 3 cases

  • Andrew Kwon
    Andrew Kwon

    Did the muggers get shot?

  • cinamon banana
    cinamon banana


  • Jasper Koekkoek
    Jasper Koekkoek

    if my daughters boyfriend made her cry i would defently go mexican gansta on his ass

  • Lord Danite
    Lord Danite

    Producers probably helped them have a happy ending.

  • Flame Blame
    Flame Blame

    Hey pewds i really like the intro. Very noice

  • Vayton

    Paul was probably in distress because his pp protection got robbed.

  • Kunisake

    You don't talk to your mom like that. Or anyone for that matter

  • A e r c h i i
    A e r c h i i

    He's so dramatic about everything God if I was his mom I'd slap him

  • Antonette x10dercanti
    Antonette x10dercanti

    Hey pewdepie do some reactions about the episode of i love a mamas boy from tlc.. really ridiculous to watch hope you notice this!!

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes

    When he said I’m Sorry Americans your great I was like nah America is just as bad.

  • Gwappo

    It’s now or never brother! *Proceeds to impregnate*

  • ss ll
    ss ll

    They got mugged with a machete for a cellphone and they let the guy keep his expensive camera.... okay.......

  • Your WallFlower
    Your WallFlower

    Its weird that people act like this even if they know they'll be seen worldwide

  • Aditya Adhikari
    Aditya Adhikari

    Baby ❌ Baybay ✔

  • Jeremy Lizama
    Jeremy Lizama

    20:46 that's right, welcome to the great United states of America

  • A- Mental
    A- Mental

    America sucks ass I live in America and I want to llleeeaaavveee

  • Pierre Lehmann
    Pierre Lehmann

    wtf mom i liked the first house

  • Sassy Bassy
    Sassy Bassy

    Bruhhh they deadass got robbed 😭🤧🤧🤧

  • B. Hunter
    B. Hunter

    I don’t no wi my mom like rent

  • Jessica Allen
    Jessica Allen

    That n95 costs $90+ but they don’t have enough for rent for a decent place

  • נועה בן אברהם
    נועה בן אברהם

    I think he has OCD the part with the suitcases

  • TheGoodMorning

    lol they didn't steal the camera

  • One lonely Forgotten bagel
    One lonely Forgotten bagel

    This man is so rude to his mother I'm so pissed rn

  • Skylar Hanes
    Skylar Hanes

    I just noticed that he changed his youtube logo thingy

  • denise vidal
    denise vidal

    the intro looks like a scene from one punch man... I LOVE IT HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Raynald Boucher
    Raynald Boucher

    Damn that intro is sick af

  • Kelia Emberluck
    Kelia Emberluck

    Pewds: *makes hurling noises* Me, eating dinner: 😀

  • Felicia Kelley
    Felicia Kelley

    Watching most of these I can tell its always the woman wanting to be chased and the men simping too hard

  • PlzHelpMe GetTo100Subs
    PlzHelpMe GetTo100Subs

    I swear pewds intro is always the best and it transfers into something weird

  • Christian Luna
    Christian Luna

    I’m movin to Sweden damn 500 bucks for a place like the pewdsss shoott

  • sua mãe
    sua mãe

    O ASSALTO JSKDJSKKAKAKA bem vindos ao Brasil

  • Chinmayee Gurajala
    Chinmayee Gurajala

    I really love how engaged Pewdiepie is with all the drama happening!! He is the type of guy I would call to spill tea.

  • Christian Luna
    Christian Luna

    Let’s record this mugging

  • Christian Luna
    Christian Luna

    Has the best intros in the game

  • Caden soh
    Caden soh

    he spent the money on the five crates, duh

  • SCP-049

    Paul was wearing either a self defense vest that protects against knives, or a Kevlar vest (everyone knows how that works)

  • Leah Pimlott
    Leah Pimlott

    I watch these videos do the ad revenue goes to pewds and not TLC

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