Instant Regret..
Instant regret clicking on this video bros
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  • Din Trin
    Din Trin


  • ky

    We need nightclub pewds stories

  • Ross Blumps
    Ross Blumps

    Wtf 0:45

  • sharky gaming
    sharky gaming

    The half life sound effects make it better

  • Vevi Lee
    Vevi Lee

    actually when he says look at graph what does it mean? i dont watch every one of his vid so i think i missed wat it means

  • Hashim Sherazi
    Hashim Sherazi

    3:33 Hassan Ali. He recently recovered and he's playing domestic cricket now. Soon he will be back in Pakistan Team

  • Veera Vartiainen
    Veera Vartiainen

    brAndon 6:46

  • Anthony Bjo
    Anthony Bjo

    Is it okay to boot a monkey if it’s chasing you?

  • Gaming Games
    Gaming Games

    Pewds: "what place is this"

  • Soham Patil
    Soham Patil

    You guys will not believe that I just saw a ceiling fan rotate!!!

  • EloiseRaeCullen

    Man I don't even have a dick and that table one made me cringe so hard...

  • sunshinehobi

    @4:44 I don’t even have a penis and this clip hurt me

  • Ikstan RiR
    Ikstan RiR

    Anyone else notice his name is “Peter Pack” if you turn on subtitles?

  • Henry Carden
    Henry Carden

    We need Minecraft

  • PreZZure

    All the half life side effects today

  • Maxine Allen
    Maxine Allen


  • Maxine Allen
    Maxine Allen


  • Cesar Andres
    Cesar Andres

    4:50 we all felt it on a spiritual level omfg

  • Storm Sønderskov Madsen
    Storm Sønderskov Madsen

    0:42 i swear this guy is from Denmark, and his name is Huxi Bach... i just cant believe that he made it into a pewdiepie vid😂

  • Oliver Urquhart
    Oliver Urquhart

    5:14 You know that move (down special) that marth and some others can do in smash , ye that bottle basically just did that

  • Carlos Guerra
    Carlos Guerra

    what is the music playing at 2:45?

  • The Paksho
    The Paksho

    Pewds You may know me as a man ho caries no regrets 2:00 minutes into the video...

  • Abdul Rafay
    Abdul Rafay

    3:40 my inner pakistani goes grapeeee! 😂😂😂 Love from Pakistan pewds❤️

  • S7 • Lumity
    S7 • Lumity

    4:09 Anti-Simp

  • Prehistoric Wildlife
    Prehistoric Wildlife

    Omg Pewdiepie was in Austria THE PLACE OF MY HOMETOWN

  • Влад Молочко
    Влад Молочко

    What's this music 2:40

  • The Berb
    The Berb

    Maybe it's just me but why the f*ck do so many people eat and drink shit in their car...? Or just film themselves in general? Just like, go home and film it decently when you're at the kitchen table or something.

  • Ahmed Nujum
    Ahmed Nujum

    Dr. Disrespect jr

  • Kung007 Gamer
    Kung007 Gamer

    Love from nepal

  • Sahariar Alvi vlogs
    Sahariar Alvi vlogs

    Can I get 10 subscriber from pews comments?

  • N. C.
    N. C.


  • Pablo Ochoa
    Pablo Ochoa

    Mans said I ain’t no simp and kept on with his set

  • Aidan Thompson
    Aidan Thompson

    Plot twist: The nurse was Ricardo

  • BurritoPuppy

    3:26 do they not know what grease fires are

  • I love Pewdiepie
    I love Pewdiepie


  • YourPalStarch

    Felt bad for the person walking into the glass. Felt that.

  • Im Isie
    Im Isie

    *_The Bridge..._*

  • Allan Sergerie
    Allan Sergerie

    I was about to swallow my spoon of porridge when I suddenly heard "Ned Flanders" instead of the usual PewDiePIe. Thanks for making me choking and potentially dying.

  • Michael Mannucci
    Michael Mannucci

    I will never unsee that scar now.

  • Business Plan
    Business Plan

    Hello everyone 😃 a great forex/crypto trading opportunity who is it here ? 😁 Serious work those who are not interested go your way 😊 You just have to be at least 18 years old. My Facebook account: Laurie Dunez (with my profile picture), see you soon 🙃

  • bloscar

    My shout out bru#8

  • Simarjit Kaur
    Simarjit Kaur


  • Joshua Agnew
    Joshua Agnew

    Pewds: “I’ve done nothing wrong in my entire life” Me: “the bridge” 😀

    • Emma O
      Emma O

      well done, you got the joke

  • Anshuman Behera
    Anshuman Behera

    Monkey monkey Luffy and clan:sure dude:)


    Русские есть?)

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore

    I did the same thing that the dude with the table did. But I did it with a metal folding cart. Cut through my jeans and cut my tip. Looks fine now hurt like a mfer when it happened

  • relax edits
    relax edits

    What's the origanal template for 5:14? I need to make some memes with that clip.

  • Vajrapani X
    Vajrapani X

    Is true...Flanders is also a secretly muscular evangelist.

  • Chimen O
    Chimen O

    The buff guy being the nurse💀

  • Jibran Amir
    Jibran Amir


  • uzaifa khan
    uzaifa khan

    It was like pewds didn't new that the cricketer was from Pakistan or even didn't know Pakistan

  • siva

    4:08 he ain't no simp

  • Kenoath

    5:45 is shammi. Did it as a prank

  • Tatheer does Random
    Tatheer does Random

    DID HE JUST SEE A PAKISTANI MATCH OMG IM SO FLATTERED, dont ask why nine year olds

  • Fallen

    It must just be any other mans instant reaction to begin groaning no loudly when we see a fellow mans balls get brutalized because I had the exact same reaction

  • ٦٦٦

    Felix in the club is a vibe

  • TimbOh TV
    TimbOh TV

    3:21 lady grabs a broom to fight the fire

  • Shahzaib Khan
    Shahzaib Khan

    Hassan Ali Legitimately Trolled By INlabel

  • Cheshieruu

    we harnessed the power of fire to melt sand into a nearly invisible substance, and yet still we cannot fathom its translucent and fragile power...

  • Muneca BonBon
    Muneca BonBon

    2:51 I hate and fear monkeys, gorillas, apes, and whatever else for this exact reason lol

  • Leathan Nero
    Leathan Nero


    • Leathan Nero
      Leathan Nero


  • Leathan Nero
    Leathan Nero

    PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie

  • Harry Chu
    Harry Chu

    There's a mountain in the city that I live that are full of monkeys, from my experience, it's best to not even trying to interact with monkeys. They won't be grateful even if you gives them stuff, some of them will even try to rob you, taking stuff off your hands to put them in it's mouth even if it's not food. Don't fuck with monkeys!

  • Cole Bridges
    Cole Bridges

    which is better? Instant regret or Instant karma

  • qPsychoo_

    'Instant regret' First post shoulda been felix saying the n word

  • drno0o7

    Her fault for not using the equipment properly

  • hamid benabdallah
    hamid benabdallah

    Jaba the hut!

  • Jayvee Guinto
    Jayvee Guinto

    Hi there Karl Rock, How was your life in India?.

  • kast

    Saw death😭 Liked-life 10 years ❤ Subscribed-unmet

  • BsT GaMErz
    BsT GaMErz

    Peter pack 😂 pewdipie

  • 小骏

    👈Challenge the most disliked videos…if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • 小骏

    👈Challenge the most disliked videos…if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • nine morin
    nine morin

    lol the car thing was the football World Cup final night and in my city some dudes literally broke their car roof by jumping on it right in front of me

  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLover

    *Monkeys take showing your teeth as a sign of aggression,* so when the lady smiled, he thought she was trying to start something so he just wanted _first swinger’s advantage_

  • Project Valkyrie
    Project Valkyrie

    I love all these half life sound effects

  • Nox Echo
    Nox Echo

    *_Ned Flanders_* howdy doodily pewdiepoodly

  • Alex Raffeiner
    Alex Raffeiner

    Wait what Pewds has a scar from a club in austria lool I would love to know where he was🙃

  • Basit Sheikh
    Basit Sheikh

    3:31 hassan ali his a pakistani cricketer fav 😂

  • Basit Sheikh
    Basit Sheikh

    2.4k.indiam people disliking the video for no reason 😂

  • pou name
    pou name

    5:44 the who walked on the cement was shammi a youtuber and he did that on purpose

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money Now

    Amazing! Never thought I'd be finish watching this video!

  • James W
    James W

    Pewds: "I never done anything regretful" Me: "Hey didn't you say the N word on stream?"

  • MrGermanyHD

    @PewDiePie Do you like dashcam videos btw?

  • MrGermanyHD

    @PewDiePie Do you like dashcam videos btw?

  • Asmr Game Grumps
    Asmr Game Grumps

    Sup Ned. Be well.

  • DannyPlayz

    4:47 Introducing the all-new Nutcracker 3000

  • ExtrackterYT


  • aurif0rm

    I think he saw the comment where I called him ned flanders

  • Nordheim Official
    Nordheim Official

    Or you might be a Harry Potter like???

  • adam cecic
    adam cecic

    4:35 they're trying to record something funny in a CEMETERY (check the top right). That's fucked up

  • Duck Man
    Duck Man

    That guy is the most non simp guy ever.

  • P I R I N O L O 23
    P I R I N O L O 23

    No entendí nada pero me dio risa xD.

  • Tamoghna Maitra
    Tamoghna Maitra

    Not a simp

  • Jon Jaramillo
    Jon Jaramillo

    "I've never done anything wrong in my entire life" Umm, maybe playing pubg that one day was wrong

  • Alucard For Smash
    Alucard For Smash

    I have the same scar as pewds except it was 6 year old me and a friend playing frisbee with a fucking plate

  • Random User
    Random User

    The half life sounds make it 100x better

  • Anasyub

    omg 7:20 this is the second tym poods reacts to Brandon skks i feel happy

  • no one.
    no one.

    Ποιος αγαπάει της φακές. Η τα σουβλάκια αν σας αρέσουν τα σουβλάκια κάντε μου εγγραφή σας παρακαλώ θα σας κάνω και εγώ και κάνω promote στα βίντεο αν μου κάνετε σχολείο και έχετε κάνει εγγραφή βάζω το Κανάλη σας σε ένα βίντεο να γράψετε (promote me) και αν σας αρέσουν η φακές κάντε το ίδιο

  • TrayZone

    i love the half life 1 sfx

  • Ebenezer Suresh
    Ebenezer Suresh

    7:49 frame editing mistake

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