Am I Straight? - Jubilee React #14
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  • Gwynneth Gacha toast
    Gwynneth Gacha toast

    im sayin its red shirt guy ill comment if im right or wrong when im done watching

    • Gwynneth Gacha toast
      Gwynneth Gacha toast


  • Solar_panda 90
    Solar_panda 90

    Why they look like that

  • TriX Hudsen
    TriX Hudsen

    That's pretty gay

  • Cookie

    I think it’s the straight one

  • DrippyDice

    Out gay him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Flores
    Gabriel Flores

    the intro sounds straight out of wii sports resort basketball man

  • Bence Juhász
    Bence Juhász

    At 15:10 PewDiePie sounds like when Satan is angry, from Leo and Satan. I LOVE IT :D

  • Guac Is cracked
    Guac Is cracked

    The first one

  • WillTheVirgo

    3:40 Felix is one thicc bih

  • Anna Jermute
    Anna Jermute

    I think they voted out the guy in the yellow shirt because he’s white and they’re black

  • Anas Mimouni
    Anas Mimouni


  • Schüler Spieler
    Schüler Spieler

    I tink is Peter too

  • 5.9Aaron

    Imagine having gender disforia😂 "i was born a woman" grow tf up

    • Silver


  • Rhandy

    Coming to this dressed up as james charles would be the ultimate play though

  • Ignacio Playz
    Ignacio Playz

    Pewdepie: He is not a simp!!! Also Pewdepie: Saying that while he is wearing a shirt that says *SIMP*!!

  • Pineapple Salad
    Pineapple Salad

    What kind of among us am I watching 😳

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson

    How to tell if some one gay If they can’t keep a straight face

  • MAGA 2020
    MAGA 2020

    I thought it was Peter until Marcus said he was born a female. How tf did u not look at his face pewds, that’s a man’s face lmfao

  • Falco Nozar
    Falco Nozar

    are u tho?

  • Mason Lavold
    Mason Lavold

    if your gay and trans arn't you just straight??????????????????????/

  • jackson gray
    jackson gray

    That white dude looks like the mc in a high school drama that all the girls like

  • Patrick Sales
    Patrick Sales

    is that a Jojo reference?

  • BreadSlave

    I hate Black James Charles he literally kissed a kid in kindergarten there brains are to dumb to understand, I think it’s messed up.

    • pillowcult


  • Davey Crockett
    Davey Crockett

    has anyone else ever thought damn, pewds looks like a hammer or a pin head hammer.... lol. seriously tho... ."+*^*+".

  • B J
    B J

    Take a shot every time Felix says ‘gay’ 😂

  • Gaven Matt
    Gaven Matt

    all are gay

  • MrLispy

    the person was a trans women how tf would they have a giant beard

  • lanestone'svlogs

    “Bruh you gotta out gay him, this ain’t it”- Pewds

  • *_Dead EmUse_*
    *_Dead EmUse_*

    So he said when he was a female he liked girls but then said he was trans and gay..does that mean he likes guys now or is there something off? He even said earlier had to hide everything but also said he wasn’t- I stopped at like 7 minutes in because I kept thing about it and had to get it off my chest 😂 Edit: AYEEE IM SMART lol uh-

  • imahomophobe

    I am a homophobe,this was hard to watch

  • James Moffat
    James Moffat

    Jayquan Charles

  • Bob Chemistry
    Bob Chemistry

    man doesnt give a shit

  • Robert Shon
    Robert Shon

    *You are gay* There is one "straight man" Among Us

  • PloutosHD

    Dafuq did i just watch

  • Joobmoobs

    There is 1 gay among us...

  • dstortn

    IMAGINE! if the guy in the yellow shirt wasn't gay. He would've won every acting award.

  • sid ahmed
    sid ahmed

    13:11 demonetized !

  • Siminit

    Btw all the dislikes are pointless because pewdiepie wasn’t racist saying black is a respectful colour however saying the other word is bad unless you know you are... then it’s fine anyways what I’m trying to say is I don’t think that’s what pewdiepie meant

  • Kieron Charles
    Kieron Charles

    Ends out there all gay just one of them isn’t ready to reveal

  • Hecatrice

    ''I thought long hair was super gay-sorry Dave-''

  • Rawd Quizmundo
    Rawd Quizmundo

    ahaaaaaaaaa... black james charles

  • Vinny

    Looking for that answer comment? i got u... *bitch u thought*

  • Dsyaz 1
    Dsyaz 1


  • Tania Limón
    Tania Limón

    I still got it

  • Niko gabunia -
    Niko gabunia -

    we all know its not pewds

  • Margaret Doyle
    Margaret Doyle

    this video doesnt sit right with me

  • Angel the dog
    Angel the dog

    14:19 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zcemus

    is pewds gay this is a huge breakthrough

  • Red Tomz
    Red Tomz

    wth the intro!


    The gaydar didn't work


    The no. Of time the phrase " ....I was like" has been used. 😞

  • Leoweeb O
    Leoweeb O

    “ i thought long hair was gay,(sry dave) but”

  • Aliyah M
    Aliyah M

    this video was lowkey offensive but it's okay


    Pewd's simp For marzia

  • Abby Kile
    Abby Kile

    this is just match maker

  • Ilinca-Nicoleta Marin
    Ilinca-Nicoleta Marin

    what if the black James Charles is not gay and he is a makeup artist and fooled everyone, btw this is a before watching-the-video opinion.

  • Jonas VM
    Jonas VM

    "There is 1 imposter among us"

  • Agapi Marini
    Agapi Marini

    The jojo intro still has me dead✨

  • Iguapoam

    Making this video was VARY risky

  • Ilyes Bahfir
    Ilyes Bahfir

    so this is like among us gay version

  • plastlkbag Olea
    plastlkbag Olea

    If you wanna know who is straight, act gay (like when you with the boys gay, not real gay) a gay guy won’t act gay with the boys.

  • Al23rnate

    Me after realising that pends put a jojo reference in a episode about gay ppl: *visible offense*

  • Gabriel harry
    Gabriel harry

    for the first time, i noticed that his shirt had the rightful meaning of SIMP

  • Aaron Abele
    Aaron Abele

    As soon as that guy said he was trans I knew he was lying

  • grayson weber
    grayson weber

    love the intro

  • yexotic gaming
    yexotic gaming

    Hi gay I'm dad

  • Bruh DREED
    Bruh DREED

    Black James Charles 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lucia Walters
    Lucia Walters

    Black James Charles: “I’m gay”. Felix: ”I believe you”

  • Emile Jarreau
    Emile Jarreau

    Plot twist: black James Charles is not gay and just dressed up for this event.

  • E E
    E E

    Love the intro B)



  • Lil DoeFlamingo
    Lil DoeFlamingo

    I really don't wanna Quote what I just heard so... 13:58 💀🤣💀 DECEASED

  • BBQ Gaming
    BBQ Gaming

    When I first played among us, I thought of this

  • BlxckJxcks

    He said he thought he was lesbian which means he likes woman...

  • Braylon Lee
    Braylon Lee

    Imagine if you weren’t subscribed to him ha ha

  • Deven Allen
    Deven Allen

    When u got on the bed and talked about the shorts i couldn’t breathe

  • İpek

    NO he didn’t fake being trans. He just faked being gay

  • Yasmin S.
    Yasmin S.

    that epic intro deserves a like.

  • Kelley Grafton
    Kelley Grafton

    Bro this was hilarious 😆

  • KvngV1

    3:31- 3:43 eshays much!!!

  • Geraldine Shaw
    Geraldine Shaw

    Man, the trans guy literally said he used to identify as a lesbian before he came out as trans. How is it not obvious that he's straight?!

  • joshua campbell
    joshua campbell

    I bet pewds got some much hate for this lmfao but this is so funny

  • Gog Games
    Gog Games

    This feels like among us 3rd impostor

  • Leeann Feng
    Leeann Feng

    i mean technically in this game you can rly easily eliminate the mole bc during the first elimination round, whoever raises their hand to stop the game could possibly be the mole (bc the mole would want to stop the game). so just eliminate the ppl who want to stop the game, and keep the ppl in who want to continue the game (bc the mole wouldnt want to continue the game). if that makes sense

  • panda gaming120
    panda gaming120

    I had a ad when he said im gay and then i had a ad on joe biden😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Setso King of ball
    Setso King of ball

    I knew it

  • JixzFN

    wating tell PewDiiePie Reacts to IamLucids Joke in the new jubilee drop!

  • edgy _banana
    edgy _banana

    Sometimes, I forget Pewds is swedish :|

  • Caleb Moriarty
    Caleb Moriarty

    34,000 coment btw

  • Vanessa panda
    Vanessa panda

    maybe that dude was treans but is straight bc now he is a boy and maybe he just likes women

  • KUME.

    I think mk or Peter I just started watching

  • Raheem Elmore
    Raheem Elmore

    9:36 Pews says all of these are gay lmao


    Omg lol look at him 9:28

  • Lehle Qwebani
    Lehle Qwebani

    Is this like among us

  • Lewis Hargreaves
    Lewis Hargreaves

    That girl is one good looking dude

  • Dyefox 54321zz
    Dyefox 54321zz

    i just want to say any gay friend I had would be an ultra dick to me for literally no reason

  • poo

    Felix: *“I thought long hair was super gay”* Dave: **spins hair**

  • theFMDguy

    That one guy: I am allergic to girls. His mother: 👁️👄👁️

  • VenusGhost

    Can’t wait for 6 people with anxiety and one secret person with no anxiety

  • Texzotic_R1pt1d3 -_-
    Texzotic_R1pt1d3 -_-

    I was amazed when he use my hero as the intro

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