Man Hides BIG SECRET From Wife Then TAKES OFF! TLC #10
Paul is insane and its... insane!
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  • Zach Boardman
    Zach Boardman

    So he judges her and her life when he's a convicted criminal. He desveres to be alone 🤷‍♂️

  • Devon Martin
    Devon Martin

    this guy is destined to be alone.

  • jalyssa peters
    jalyssa peters

    Me: He'll make her get an STD test but he's not gonna take one himself My bf: No this guy takes one every day just in case

  • Kuzz Dal
    Kuzz Dal

    This dude gave me brain damage because of the amount of times i facepalmed

  • Lu Gatto
    Lu Gatto

    Gente como assim nos outros lugares n eh normal dar em cima de amigo no insta n?? Tem q ter pelo menos uma cantada podre nos comentarios

  • beatriz nascimento
    beatriz nascimento

    It’s actually really normal to call your male friends handsome here on Brazil, it isn’t romantic at all. It’s normal for a man to compliment his female friends this way too.

  • jack jack
    jack jack

    what if you have it and you don't need it?

  • Jack

    Mom: Here, take some of my hair, son. Are you wearing your safety condom? Good.

  • Jin Feng
    Jin Feng

    the level of cringe in this video has introduced me to new face muscles I never knew I had...


    Hello.dude pin my comment please

  • 0011clem raptor
    0011clem raptor

    he could have had a shave , and a haircut and kept his mouth shut about things until they were close and the time was right. this guy has no idea .

  • Lari Pacheco
    Lari Pacheco

    I still can’t believe he asked her father to take her to a fucking motel. This is sooooo rude (in BR I mean).

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D

    Imagine this guy goes to India,

  • Felix Mikula
    Felix Mikula

    Why did he run away she didn’t even say anything


    Paul: MMMM MOMMY HAIR!!!!

  • Geovanna A. Torquato
    Geovanna A. Torquato

    we’re overwhelmed in Brazil, intimacy is something easy to get and compliments doesn’t always mean flirting, but even brazilians can get it wrong

  • K Watte
    K Watte

    Just when you think you saw the worst couple last video, they just keep getting worse beyond belief

  • Ryan Mcgill
    Ryan Mcgill

    Jeremy Johnson was behind u

  • Gameplay

    Take a picture instead idiots

  • Artur Santos
    Artur Santos

    Mano kkkkk que que é isso

  • Kauli Joga
    Kauli Joga

    Its so good to be a Brazilian and Just see this Guy saying *POOP WATER* And me being like:bruh,do you gonna fucking drink river water and say its bad?,its like wash yourself in sewer water and say *YO IT STINKS*

  • Amokra

    Well I hope he got a replacement for his spot in the local Antifa "Peaceful" protest coming up :P sorry he looks and acts like those people and I am just 4:39 in

  • Katlin Provard
    Katlin Provard

    This man is not cool. Restraining orders are hard to get, so something def happened with his ex. And, he ran away so everyone would feel bad for him.

  • The Kermit Show
    The Kermit Show

    Paul is making the relationship harder than it looks

  • Trainer R3d 2
    Trainer R3d 2

    He totally wants to take her to a hotel and have jiggy jiggy with her

  • Adam Jaenicke
    Adam Jaenicke


  • Trenton Farris
    Trenton Farris

    I was watching and thinking, that looks a lot like the Louisville airport and then he says he’s flying out of Louisville. I can’t believe this nerd lives in my town, Jesus Christ

  • Apprentice Physique
    Apprentice Physique

    😂 breaks down in front of the old fella like a little drama queen. Both of them are as cringe as each other 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Vectavist224

    I'm not going to lie and say that I wouldn't laugh if I saw Paul running into the woods because I would and I wouldn't even try to contain it because he just assumed that every girl would act the same way and not give him a chance and didn't even wait for her response and just ran off into the woods lol

  • Fishy fortnite bot
    Fishy fortnite bot

    I don’t feel safe watching this😑

  • Tommy Gallagher
    Tommy Gallagher

    he kinda looks like damon albarn from blur

  • Ahmed Zenelji
    Ahmed Zenelji

    Carina Is Pretty

  • Anjelica Verlin
    Anjelica Verlin

    EVERYONE In my small town has been to jail and most are fellons lol my now ex was a heroin addict had went to prison he has drug charges B&E charges and weapon charges my mom makes meth

  • Ste11ar Shiny
    Ste11ar Shiny

    I can't imagine marrying a guy who I can't have a proper understandable conversation with !! WTF

  • 使天

    He is christian, tho.

  • Hi Marten
    Hi Marten


  • Waterlily the raptor
    Waterlily the raptor

    “I shouldn’t swim in untreated water!” I find it hard to believe that you’ve literally never swam in a lake before. Otherwise, you don’t know how to summer

  • Brian Taylor 2.0
    Brian Taylor 2.0

    All jokes aside, there's no way that this man isn't on the spectrum. Also, I know Paul has done some awful things and has treated Karine very poorly multiple times, which is completely vile and inexcusable, but (now referencing present-day) I'm really glad that Paul was able to see how truly disgusting of a human being he was at the time, and clean up his act, and that the two of them were able to get married and persevere through their rocky points in their relationship, and even end up having a child together.

  • master ugly
    master ugly

    9:27 i thought he was sucking on his mic again

  • Pedro Gentile
    Pedro Gentile

    1:18 Dude chill, you're going to Brazil, not war.

  • Karen Randall
    Karen Randall

    How the hell am I just now finding Pewdiepie? I've watched about 5 videos and every one of them are hilarious as hell! The commentary with this video is the best so far.🤣

  • Jacob Tran
    Jacob Tran

    6:56 pause what

  • Jasmine Lee
    Jasmine Lee

    See, I'd understand if she like gave him like a cut lock of her hair, since there is a lot of cultural importance in ones hair; but leftover hair from a come thats in a wad- im- no thank you please like hnnghhh you gotta tie it up or cut off a small braid or smth not the dead pieces

  • Amber Rayne
    Amber Rayne

    6:56 We can see a guest appearance and it's none other than Jeremy Johnson from Phineas and Ferb

  • Suay Atay
    Suay Atay

    you should check anna&mursel from tlc!!!

  • joltx

    ignorance is bliss

  • Leonardo Ribeiro
    Leonardo Ribeiro

    Well... that escalated quickly

  • Taran

    "dont take his urethra protection" 😂😂😂☠️

  • theepicbrick

    i have 69 more face muscles because of the cringe here

  • Gwapo Louie
    Gwapo Louie

    Pewd just in the beginning of the video "wait what, where did he find this b*tch" Well yeaaa

  • Jamie Obsborn
    Jamie Obsborn

    Why is Jeremy Johnson from phineas and ferb in the background at 6:56

  • Wtf Vkook
    Wtf Vkook

    Louisville literally has the craziest ppl

  • vaibhav agarwal
    vaibhav agarwal

    pewdiepie reacting on this gold TLC series is the greatest thing ever.

  • Overdrive

    He's going to Brazil That's the joke right ? you know ? the funny meme... end my life

  • Logan Bennett
    Logan Bennett

    Did anyone else see Jeremy from Phineas and Ferb in the window at 6:56?

  • Javier Zazueta
    Javier Zazueta

    My eyes are like nonono and my face is like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • iceloss8

    8:55 🥰

  • Malin Härtell
    Malin Härtell

    Varför är amerikaner såhär?

  • Tyler Hertz
    Tyler Hertz

    this dude took the term "running from your problems" literally 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tyler Hertz
    Tyler Hertz

    so thats what condoms are used for, i was always confused... now i know!

  • Khalil Azirar
    Khalil Azirar

    he sicko hahahahah

  • B. Hunter
    B. Hunter

    What the. Did he gust do

  • B. Hunter
    B. Hunter

    Man he is so rude nobudy cares

  • B. Hunter
    B. Hunter

    He and his mom are colt Leaders

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez

    It's Ed with the fat suit off

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez

    This is like big ed all over again

  • daddy without the milk.
    daddy without the milk.

    he looks like he is preparing for ww3.

  • Joel.

    not done with the video, but I just had to drop a like for the hair thing 😂

  • Ruhan Ahmed
    Ruhan Ahmed

    The swimming in the lake in Brazil is probably better than some of the lakes in America, which btw have brain eating amoeba.


    Very obvious why Paul’s ex took out a restraining order on him. He’s very paranoid and possessive.

  • Bernardo Pracidelle
    Bernardo Pracidelle

    I am brazilian, and I can DEFENILLY CONFIRM that we are VERY flerring, WHIT EVERYONE

    • SLBROS1

      U flerring wit evywon?

  • emanuele bizzo
    emanuele bizzo

    I love good entertainment. Thanks TLC

  • シャイマジオン

    😭😭😭 fkkfjdjdjd when he said where did he find this bitch I lost it

  • Milan B.
    Milan B.

    cautious hero vibes


    Pewds its obvious she wanted him to clone her in case he gets in any trouble

  • Abhyuday Sen
    Abhyuday Sen

    Man has a restraining order against him and a case of arson. Maybe I'd be willing to accept he was wrongfully convicted as he claimed but then again, he travels with his mom's hair in a tissue.

  • Anita Varanda
    Anita Varanda

    all this dude needed was repelent and sunscreen, maybe a hat with a mosquito net, but my guy was prepared for the second war in vietnam like wtf

  • taylor francis
    taylor francis

    Who just writes down and passes a phone over that says "im a criminal' like for what i need more to go off of! lol

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez

    She is pretty

  • Leandro Pamplona
    Leandro Pamplona

    "O Paul correu pro mato ,veio" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • smallfry carter
    smallfry carter

    I’m getting Ethan from heavy rain vibes

  • Katya Ishenko
    Katya Ishenko

    “He’s running stop him” why did I laugh so hard when he said that?!

  • Coffee Milk
    Coffee Milk

    He’s not a bad looking guy but holy balls man

  • Jears

    That man cringe as hell

  • NAJ Wiffleball
    NAJ Wiffleball

    Paul is the type of guy that would wear a mask in the car

  • Lukasz Duda
    Lukasz Duda

    I honestly think it’s funnier when the chick is ugly, when she looks good it’s not as funny.

  • Ve Zapata
    Ve Zapata

    TLC be helping immigrants get their green cards through gullible US citizens

  • clyinkk

    i should not be watching pewds late when im tired cause i cant breathe now lol

  • Love The Rainy Days
    Love The Rainy Days

    Haha damaged goods haha

  • Aidan Murphy
    Aidan Murphy

    Jeremy is in his window at 6:55

  • Trk

    Im not this weird but if we keepin it 100% im not jumping in that water either

  • - IckyGuardian61 -
    - IckyGuardian61 -

    Not allowed in my country so I get to see this 3 months later. Amazing.

  • Nanny Kloie
    Nanny Kloie

    If his ex was able to file a restraining order against him, he did something the court system saw worthy of a restraining order 😬

  • Frankiestrange 123
    Frankiestrange 123


  • Maiyah Toxic
    Maiyah Toxic

    omg he took hair from his mother to bring with him

  • Neri Boi
    Neri Boi


  • Zeenath Adam
    Zeenath Adam

    hello pewdiepie i just wanted to let you know that big ed reviewed the video that you did about him (90 day fiance) if you search big ed roasts pewdiepie the video should come up (LMAO i watched the video, it was horrible)

  • Dank Mheems
    Dank Mheems

    You know, you could just piss in a bottle or a tree like a normal fucking person haha. Nah I'm not getting laid, these are for peeing in.

  • 北丰美

    i swear to god americans going to “3rd world” countries are such babies. its a country not a freaking fallout wasteland. they take so much precautions but in reality, you just have to learn how to live with them

  • Hailey

    Finally my Portuguese classes have done something for me

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