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  • Raleigh Lawhon
    Raleigh Lawhon

    It’s not that your not Annoying you guys been annoying since you started

  • Jagger Francom
    Jagger Francom

    the squiggly line appears under both of my names

  • cody mcd
    cody mcd

    feet inch mile mph

  • Lily Tapio
    Lily Tapio

    pewdiepie:”What have plants done for me HUH” Plants:*gives him oxygen*

  • Jack Hound
    Jack Hound

    GREAT Fleix

  • Telvanni Magister
    Telvanni Magister

    That thumbnail hit me hard in the feels man. God i miss young scrolls... love your music bro, but i cant be involved if your donating to openly marxist organizations.

  • Nidia Venegas
    Nidia Venegas

    7:33 Pewds: You look cool as heck dude *man chokes his dog* Also Pewds literally one second later: OMG you look so cuuteee ✨

  • A2C2

    Peers called me “especially dumb idiots” while I live in Oregon... trust me... we’ve tried to get away from America. Making west coast our own country... we aren’t stupid we just have to say FUCK TRUMP because he is the most “ESPECIALLY DUMB IDIOT” don’t judge us based on wanting a better life for our children... just because you don’t want your own.

  • Chillrah

    My first thought when I have lucid dreams is "Quick! Where's somebody to fuck?!"

  • landinoman

    Especially dumb f*cks I live there!

  • TryHard FinessedYou
    TryHard FinessedYou

    Should be wearing a mask anyways?

  • Radical Jacolb
    Radical Jacolb

    Pewdiepie:before you take a break don't check your phone. Me: what if there's someone trying to tell you something important what if your missing out! Maybe an asteroid fell on your buddy's house! *strain* must. Check. Phone!!!

  • Tman

    Damn, pewdiepie said new where I live

  • jennifer solis
    jennifer solis

    an honorable mention : ✨jungkook✨

  • The Fujoshi
    The Fujoshi

    Somehow everything in this video is me......

  • Mr. Rubio
    Mr. Rubio

    Here in Spain the cat is called “él pana Miguel”

  • V The Vest
    V The Vest

    Plants: Literally keeping him alive. Him: WHAT HAVE THE PLANTS EVER DONE FOR ME?HUH??? Also him: Donates money for tree plantation..... BRUHHH

  • Cherian Thomas Karippaparambil
    Cherian Thomas Karippaparambil

    Kilometres gang. Litres gang

  • Trakmas

    6:32 Idk... Make oxygen ?... So you Can breathe and not die ?... 😅😆

  • Govind Singh Shekhawat
    Govind Singh Shekhawat

    P -----> pig , P --------> PewDiePie

  • Ayush Shrestha
    Ayush Shrestha

    Does he know about digital signatures?

  • Seneca2.0

    We’ll get our own time when y’all mfs get your own fleet of warthogs hahah

  • juliannaa

    4:29...that was so accurate now i don’t know what to think

  • klannstyle

    6:49 then it means he didn't watch pew!? try that semi chad ;-)

  • emily schafer
    emily schafer

    Pewds: f plants they don’t do anything 4 meeee *breathes* Plants: ungrateful mf

  • Brandon Akers
    Brandon Akers

    Lol I like how people defend kmh when it's not even written correctly is should be one of the following: kph, km/h, kmph

    • Brandon Akers
      Brandon Akers

      And the Imperial system consistently works better for construction and infrastructure purposes although the math is harder, how often do you have to do conversions?

  • Nayda

    Daylight savings time tho

  • Konniptionz

    " Cowboy people, I don't know what they want. " - We normally want steak and women with thick asses in short shorts. Unless they're vegan or gay. Then they want a veggie burger and a man with a thick ass in short shorts. ... Or if you're just asexual, you want either of the food- y'know what? Fuck your multiple genders. We want a lot of things, okay? We're Texas. We're as diverse as the entirety of the U.S honestly.

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown

    America invented the world, so our units are the best.

  • The real Young gun
    The real Young gun

    I live on The west coast. It is full of especially stupid idiots. You are 100% correct.

  • The DeSync
    The DeSync


  • Tana Diamond
    Tana Diamond

    If he played Mario that would make me so happy

  • Pranjal Paliwal
    Pranjal Paliwal

    11:48 did someone else also notice something

  • Georgia Cooper
    Georgia Cooper

    Felixs dreams sound as if they could be the main plot of inception

  • Dlb Hoover
    Dlb Hoover

    ALL money in. NOOO money out. u no say

    • Dlb Hoover
      Dlb Hoover

      am so so sorry master💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    @11:48 that was spooky!

  • Riya Tyagi
    Riya Tyagi

    11:24 That's Big Ed!

  • Jasael Monroy
    Jasael Monroy

    11:47 scared the hell out of me.

  • Yusuf As
    Yusuf As

    4.7k dislikes are from Karens

  • ImDeliciousS

    My company is making the software to do digital signature and they are crypted so you know its the real person

  • Louise Brownie
    Louise Brownie

    Felix gushing over how cute Edgar is in that voice is so wholesome ❤️

  • Miss. Weirdness
    Miss. Weirdness

    Felix: there's no Aaaron Me: you know that one tik tok sound... the one that goes Aaaaaaaaroooon?

  • Rajab Bal
    Rajab Bal

    Thumnail Ssundee intensifies

  • DRAGONZ0263

    Felix: FOCUS! FOCUS ON IT! Me, has ADHD: Uhhhh... that kind of hard.

  • Vivian is my City
    Vivian is my City

    The french in the french revolution with metric time 11:00

  • 謎めいた81pERF

    Who else finds it funny when pewds say something weird then takes it back and makes what he’s trying to take back even more funny. Am I weird??

  • East Rider
    East Rider

    6:49 Easy answer: Kitchen Nightmares :D

  • Dwyane Dadpaas
    Dwyane Dadpaas

    Pewds:it gets colder and colder Me:look up pewdiepie

  • Julia

    Felix: what do plants even do for me Plants turning water into oxygen so he can breathe: I’ve never been so insulted

  • TheIrrelevent1 00
    TheIrrelevent1 00

    I had to unsub from a INlabelr called Ssundee when he started fortnite vids. I tried to watch but he really changed for the worst.

  • Ahraf Islam
    Ahraf Islam


  • Ignacy Krajewski
    Ignacy Krajewski

    Felix: No plant ever did anything for me Plants working all their life 24/7 to give us oxygen and keep us alive: 👍

  • Ignacy Krajewski
    Ignacy Krajewski

    Felix: what would attack a tiger? Me an intellectuall: human?

  • Durkle Georgeson
    Durkle Georgeson

    thats how i feel about jack

  • Jack Whitney
    Jack Whitney

    6:40 Anyone else stare at a wall while eating cus you once spilled hot soup on your phone? No? Just me? Okay

    • Jack Whitney
      Jack Whitney

      Please don't notice that I liked my own comment. Everyone does it

  • White lives Matter
    White lives Matter

    Me when pewdie started to dye his hair and scream Autistically

  • SpectralCoffee

    09:45 The unbuilt furniture behind me started assembling itself, wtf

  • derrick khoo Jing yu
    derrick khoo Jing yu

    anyone realise pewds is not even joinning his own subreddit

  • Halo Guy
    Halo Guy

    FELIX! plants help keep your ignoramus alive the make oxygen they do more than you ever will 😂

  • Baby Khai-Lee
    Baby Khai-Lee

    Felix: What have plants done for me?!Huh? Plants: We give you oxygen idiot -_-

  • Bashful Wolfo
    Bashful Wolfo

    As a Californian, I can agree with Pewds as us being "Especially Dumb Fucks"™.

  • Logan Cathleen
    Logan Cathleen

    **Plants produce oxygen** Pewdiepie: USELESS

  • Sophie Moore
    Sophie Moore

    When he doesn’t mention the ne coast of the u.s. Yes bitch I’m ✨s p e c i a l✨

  • Cyril Havrda
    Cyril Havrda

    11:28 someone explain joke pls i don't get it


    I can relate almost all of them to myself!

  • Wired Tomb
    Wired Tomb

    4:21: Hey, I didn’t choose to grow up with that trashy system.

  • Gzim Zhilivoda
    Gzim Zhilivoda

    Dude those dead pixels when he zooms in the memes .... kills me

  • Daria Cutie
    Daria Cutie

    Felix: Wht did plants ever do to me?!!! Me: They provide you with oxygen

  • Daria Cutie
    Daria Cutie

    4:47 Jungkook?

  • BlackKalico

    This is my first pewdiepie video i watched, sorry im late

  • Hawkings

    Pewds I’m sorry I couldn’t find the good INlabel video to watch while I ate so I’m settling for this, it’s a good vid I’ve just already seen it


    6:31 uuuuh... they give you air.

  • Enriko Pints
    Enriko Pints

    But plants literally make oxygen or whatever shit u need for breathing

  • Mystical RSD
    Mystical RSD

    11:47 that's actually scared me

  • Herculean

    >finally lucid dreams >realize more that I am lucid dreaming >hopes I don't lose control >"lose control" >thinks about losing control so my brain actually loses control mfw bruh

  • Mykel Joaquin Barrientos
    Mykel Joaquin Barrientos

    Last time I was here there was no background music.

  • Mykel Joaquin Barrientos
    Mykel Joaquin Barrientos

    Last time I was here there was no background music.

  • Ian

    11:46 scared me wtf

  • FlxffyAliya

    Man chokes dog Pewds: Aww so cute

  • Zero

    9:43, don’t worry felix you were always annoying

  • Vidhi Khatri
    Vidhi Khatri

    I love PewDiePie but bro plants give u oxygen

  • Henry's Waifu
    Henry's Waifu

    How does felix not know that plants produce oxygen.They are the reason we can breathe..

  • Blue berry
    Blue berry

    Bruh he said in first grade in school I was 5 bruh big brain.

  • 46raulfull

    In the article it says that a new drug to treat cancer can take from 10 to 15 years to get approved by the FDA, holy shit

  • 爆豪勝己

    Omg I actually prepare to say "here" during attendance... Shit I never realized I was a pussy

  • Jack Preacher
    Jack Preacher

    Wait, Pewds can Lucid Dream? That shit is hard.

  • Ishaan Sinha
    Ishaan Sinha

    I feel highly offended by when u said to nuke Kansas. My family is very patriotic about my state. Jk I live in my moms basement in new york

  • Lorena Munoz
    Lorena Munoz

    These intros though

    • Lorena Munoz
      Lorena Munoz

      They keep getting better and better

  • Ethan Wingrove TV
    Ethan Wingrove TV

    Paul Felder in a pewdiepie vid!

  • Brodsta01 Land
    Brodsta01 Land

    Felix: ‘Why can I relate to this subreddit so much?!’ Me: ‘It’s literally called r/meirl’

  • Levi's Left Buttcheek
    Levi's Left Buttcheek

    Pewds: "what do plants do for me, hUh?" Me: 👁👄👁

  • amasian girl
    amasian girl

    I swear to god it feels like I watched this yesterday

  • Tim Rone
    Tim Rone

    I love how pewdiepie treats Edgar like the way Tony Stark treats his robots

  • saitama

    wait people watch yt when eating food

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda


  • Marrow

    As an amarican... I'm hurt.

  • •AsoCan Aso•
    •AsoCan Aso•

    I have a question for Pewds. Do u really love ur fans? Then name a fan that you replied their comment!! U-U still love ya tho-

  • Bryan Velazquez
    Bryan Velazquez

    *points at florida Nuke this area💀

  • trash boat
    trash boat

    Was that video of all the pins missing from connoreatspants?

  • Edi Belaj
    Edi Belaj

    11:48 lowkey it scared the shit out of me

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