Things we all have done
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  • Ka Lee
    Ka Lee

    Felix: He's such a bad person, he killed a dog Also Felix: How many people die from quick sand... none... well that's disappointing

  • wikiwiki34

    I am from Chile and always apologies for my written comments in youtube

  • Family Janks
    Family Janks

    ' 3:00

  • Family Janks
    Family Janks

    3:00:00 I imagined Mario

  • oroki

    13:07 is so good

  • Rhianna SisodiaHammond
    Rhianna SisodiaHammond


  • Annika Hovingh
    Annika Hovingh

    what happened to his mic-quality?

  • stefan turkenburg
    stefan turkenburg

    12:50 Dreamscape by 009 Sound System

  • Cartoon Mar
    Cartoon Mar

    You are 108 million and I am 105 people😂

  • RoSaLeE Bonjour!
    RoSaLeE Bonjour!

    Peter pack

  • Jahura Khatun
    Jahura Khatun


  • kylutrash

    009 Sound System Dreamscape is what you looking for 12:50

  • Shabin Basheer
    Shabin Basheer

    awwwwwww. he didnt say GRAPH!

  • J G
    J G

    3:45 the whole point was that the viewer was not supposed to be sure any of the crazy stuff he did happened at all.

  • Paul Vizcarra
    Paul Vizcarra

    12:51 "009" is the song he's referring to I found it a while ago and it was such a simple title but I forgot it and then I just typed in old tutorial song and found it hilarious how it showed up first

  • The Angry Cat
    The Angry Cat

    This is the cure to covid-19

  • Noah Kelly
    Noah Kelly

    We wear clogs in Holland Michigan for a whole festival

  • Wholewheatglutenfreebread

    Furi Kuri

  • Laila Granese
    Laila Granese

    Hehe I don’t have a dad

  • Oreo Co.
    Oreo Co.

    2:10 dads being considerate of their child’s feelings My dad: stop being sad *snaps belt*

  • MacksPaws

    Love how felix acknowledged j.k this mans a king

  • Inventions Inventory
    Inventions Inventory

    The America starter pack is more of a Texas starter pack

  • Liam Peters
    Liam Peters

    Cu- chum bucket.. Close one there sir

  • M X
    M X

    Not felix calling chum bucket cum bucket😫😫😭😭😭

  • Lxnnxrd


  • Celia Craft
    Celia Craft

    5:28 My grandma wears clogs all the time, so yes, we do. 7:39 Ummm I have to admit that this is true...

  • Xavier Schoen
    Xavier Schoen

    Lol one of the starter packs say nit getting enough sleep kids at school brag about that

  • Flame Bearer
    Flame Bearer

    when pewdiepie operagx sound effect:

  • Jeck_Reeper123 123
    Jeck_Reeper123 123

    Take away / in r/ape is spells rape wow

  • Lindsay McCann
    Lindsay McCann

    Plankton watching Felix re-naming it to the “cum bucket” 🦐

  • Toni G.
    Toni G.

    "Who needs a website in 2020" Has 3 store websites in the video description...

  • du

    havent watched his videos in a while. forgot how shitty his mic was

  • Cupid

    15:55 trueee

  • Van Joppel
    Van Joppel

    lol the s was a thing back in 2004

  • TTVcRagZ

    mic bad. yes

  • Mario1611

    14:06 Did he really just say "cum bucket"?

  • bruh Machine
    bruh Machine


  • Dr3h4n12 MEME'Z
    Dr3h4n12 MEME'Z

    Bruh why the hell did I get 8 ads on a 16 minute video lol

  • Вова Лось
    Вова Лось

    💕💕🙏Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare🙏💕💕

  • Conan U
    Conan U

    in response to your question about the empty wrapping paper tube starter pack, it's just listing common uses that kids have for them. like using them as lightsabers or telescopes

  • Cheyanne Bannanne
    Cheyanne Bannanne

    Pewdiepie the science guy

  • Michelle Dantis
    Michelle Dantis

    Pewds speaks perfekt Englishes

  • ndzhelin

    pewds not getting the idolizing toxic characters one was both annoying and wholesome lmao like he makes fun of it because he doesn't think like that at all, but the meme is about a pretty large amount of people whose favourite media are with those characters because they relate to and idolize said characters. like they are objectively good media but people project themselves into the shoes of some really godawful characters.

  • Emilia Ward
    Emilia Ward

    2:16 Pewdiepie it’s cause if you blow hard enough into one end it makes a horn sound

  • adnethebot

    Things we have all done: starts by showing r/ape

  • daRkNezZ

    i dont even get to look at the actual starter packs...

  • stirav gadde
    stirav gadde


  • Tahir Quaid Joher
    Tahir Quaid Joher

    3:44 he had to return some videotapes.

  • douwe vanboxmeer
    douwe vanboxmeer

    Felix: ''At least we have these wood shoes'' Ever heard of The Netherlands mate?

  • King’s Detailing
    King’s Detailing

    As soon as I hear the old intro these days I like immediately

  • Scorpion Clips
    Scorpion Clips

    "I speak perfed englishes!" - Felix the English speaker 2020

  • Sabrina Jennen
    Sabrina Jennen

    He really said Trans rights 🏳️‍⚧️

    • MacksPaws

      He really did 😌💅

  • lucid sound.
    lucid sound.

    I JUST would LOVE TO KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO HIT 1MILLION subscribers and finally receive that INlabel gold play button content creator award

  • Bigshrimpin

    G E C O L O N I S E E R D

  • That Weird Person That Exists
    That Weird Person That Exists

    13:53 Faramir? ... Jeez Faramir was better than Boromir lol

  • Kunisake

    I always snapped those things off of the mechanical pencil. It's satisfying

  • clatterslam

    Nessie didn't scare me as a child, but you know what did? The little moisture-absorbing silica gel packets that were in shoes and bags etc. My mum told me they're dangerous (probably because I wouldn't try and eat them or something), but because I was an anxious child, I thought that as soon as I so much as look in the general direction of a silica gel packet, I would spontaneously combust or something lol

  • Steven Jelsma
    Steven Jelsma

    Dutch wooden shoes XD

  • celil demirhan
    celil demirhan

    reddit normie one is really cool tho

  • helo


  • Msaas


  • I'm not sure Why
    I'm not sure Why

    When you're now an adult and have bought incredible headphones and speakers but Pewds brings you back to when you had nothing to humble you down. LOL

  • bluedragon !
    bluedragon !

    Cum buc.... Chum bucket Lmao i cant 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael keaton
    Michael keaton

    my french ass always apologize about my english even though i'm a C1

  • Paul Piorkowski
    Paul Piorkowski

    thats right I dam well know his name his full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

  • Paul Piorkowski
    Paul Piorkowski

    no need to thank me

  • Paul Piorkowski
    Paul Piorkowski

    The have been wearing , or , or “Klompen” since medieval times. ... Eventually, the began to be made entirely from to protect the whole foot. Originally, alder, willow and poplar woods were used. The first guild of clog makers dates back to around 1570 in .

  • Pantheif

    Nice Microphone Quality.

  • クジェヌさん KJ
    クジェヌさん KJ

    wait, you guys wear shoes to take out the trash?

  • Alexandre Leao
    Alexandre Leao

    rorschach isnt bad ffs the rest are shit but all rorschach does is put his princeples 1st, is the old kant vs mill philosophy problem you cant realy say hes bad for siding with kant

  • Porter Bailey
    Porter Bailey


  • oof er
    oof er

    Pewds u and donut operator should meet

  • rainbowDJ kitty
    rainbowDJ kitty

    Audio is bad, I feel it’s intentional.

  • michelle l
    michelle l

    as a dutch person finding out about wooden shoes being swedish : O.O

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood

    The taking out the trash starter pack was too relatable lmao

  • mr. Andrej
    mr. Andrej

    Po ubavo mimue mudja

  • PaperBag

    deliceously good quality audio

  • Kasey Lamer
    Kasey Lamer

    Felix complains about Squarespace and while he's talking, I get an ad for it

  • Kasey Lamer
    Kasey Lamer

    Me with a slight English accent: Bonjour! Comment allez vous? French speaker: Do you speak french? I can speak in the english for u

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord

    dad: *picks up 9mm* also dad: *heh. haven't seen one of these in a while.*

  • Sad World
    Sad World

    10:18 bruh im 2005 and had those :/

  • Bogdan Leahovici
    Bogdan Leahovici

    idk if it's just me but does pewdiepie have personalized closing tab sound cuz everytime he does smth on his pc like close or acces smth he has like a lil bass sound it light nice.

  • Nicolas Wiesner
    Nicolas Wiesner

    10:37 the guy in the bottom middel looks like someone i know, wtf like really a clone...

  • Sbeve Boi
    Sbeve Boi

    Whos more of a meme lord? Carson or pewds?

  • Natalie •
    Natalie •

    “We invented the crocks first” All Dutch people in the comments: *angry Dutch noises*

  • Cassandra Kerslake
    Cassandra Kerslake

    I cant open a pewdiepie video anymore without waking up my 6month old baby lol thanks cocomelon intros 😂

  • Billie Elish
    Billie Elish

    have anyone get a heart from pewdiepie if no then hit like and reply me

  • Saulius Vincevičius
    Saulius Vincevičius


  • Maggie M
    Maggie M

    You know you're from Michigan if you know what clogs are

  • Dr. Nutsack
    Dr. Nutsack

    Top INlabelr in the world uses Kevin MacLeod's music.

  • Warta Football Channel
    Warta Football Channel

    I'm really amazed that this channel can make this channel this big .. Maybe for those of you who are here to help and support my channel by visiting my channel where a channel that presents about world football ... is waiting for feedback

  • Slime_4queen Guerrero
    Slime_4queen Guerrero

    Hi lol

  • Sarah Ng
    Sarah Ng

    Wait you mean like.. You don’t have a website?

  • Peanut Free Meatloaf
    Peanut Free Meatloaf

    The America one is accurate I say "whats up" and "have a good one" impulsively and the other pictures are just everyday stuff

  • AH!

    Why is his mic so badddd

  • Neko man z
    Neko man z

    xD ive been to like 6 dif schools and the marching band girl one is so true ever school xD at 10:55

  • Tomas Moreno
    Tomas Moreno

    He doesn’t know how to say microwave

  • d s
    d s

    The wooden shoe stams from a time when shoes weren't affordable for the common people it spiked again during the world war because of poverty they were also used as the first safety shoes and a few people stil use them as such most of them are just plain wood the decorated ones were used on Sunday to go to the church

  • Tomas Moreno
    Tomas Moreno

    Omg the mic is so fucking bad

  • Prodalo

    I got everything of the things (i did as a Child)

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