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  • John Zoits
    John Zoits

    thicc pewdiepie

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    I was like did Pewdiepie turn into Jake The Viking?

  • IVlxneGrxxnz 2K
    IVlxneGrxxnz 2K

    Subscribe, like and share my videos for a giveaway and for more content

  • II SmileyBun28 II
    II SmileyBun28 II

    The THUMBNAIL 🤣🤣🤣

  • Victoria Roberts
    Victoria Roberts

    He looks kinda like true geordie in the thumbnail

  • Lily

    Can I purchase a tambourine kissed by pewds.

  • TheBoiAngle Bruh
    TheBoiAngle Bruh

    3:59 Yep Pewdiepie is the real life Polnareff from JoJo bizarre adventure part 3

  • Cuttlefish N.W.
    Cuttlefish N.W.

    I feel like that person wrote a python script to scrape his channel page for video titles and generate a list... or loaded the entire page and edited the HTML source like a madman... maybe he's one of the printer guys and knows how to use grep and awk/cut/sed/etc.. inb4 *it's just* Overthinking things is fun for me ok?! Leaf me alone! I'm bushed!