Ghost of Tsushima #7 - 1 DEATH = 20 CRUNCHES
We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen

    Pewdiepie saying he never played skyrim breaks my heart

  • Lezin

    very cool pewds

  • TSR Extra
    TSR Extra

    Pewdiepie make this virul

  • Ohm Charan
    Ohm Charan

    Gotta get this above 1 million guys come on we can do this less' go! Currently at 927K



  • TheTardyOwl VG
    TheTardyOwl VG

    I got a six pack just watching him do all those crunches

  • Piffy

    hahahahahahaha lol

  • Victor Maye
    Victor Maye

    Pewds - I love watching your videos I wish I could be someone like you. Your the best at what you do bro and wish you the best.

  • Matthew Rosa
    Matthew Rosa

    Noooo! What was the outcome for Kojiro battle? Nani ga atta no? Katta ka maketta no? Mitakatta yo... Sho ga nai na. Mata mi ni kimasu 🤞🙃

  • Kurt Gutierrez
    Kurt Gutierrez


  • LordWigStyle

    this video is shadowbanned lmao

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    carlisha hill

    You 👌

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  • Gedrich Yu
    Gedrich Yu

    Poor gang here.

  • Adrian Wong
    Adrian Wong

    when did pewds get the armor with horns

  • the one that knocks
    the one that knocks

    Imagine being that one person in chat and how special youll feel at that moment

  • Tarun


  • Meme Daddy
    Meme Daddy

    Should play RDR2, old or not it's better than Ghost of Tsushima (IN MY OPINION!!) and I feel like he would enjoy it.

  • raven of death
    raven of death

    This ia video doest have 1 m view

  • Symptomgaming

    910484th view lol

  • StreamBouy

    What about part 6 ? like i know he played a bit offline ... but did we poor gang missed part 5 and 6 ? dang it i was enjoying this series :(

  • Ohm Charan
    Ohm Charan

    I am just gonna chill here till all the Ghost Of Tshushima videos hit 1 million

  • Fussywood12

    U got rid of the hat!? You monster Felix :(

  • Ansar Ahsan
    Ansar Ahsan

    Man, he did the Yarikawa mission off stream... I wanted to see his reaction to getting ghost stance

  • Nathan Ambler
    Nathan Ambler

    25:55 naruto theme

  • FluffyPapi69420

    Here before: “I was apart of the clan all along.” Gets used by the media. 😅

  • Elvira Arriaga
    Elvira Arriaga

    Your Great Video Gamer 🎮 Amongst other Gamers my favorite

  • Daniel Morais
    Daniel Morais

    Can pewds please mention anything but god. ANYTHING!!!

  • Vizn

    Nice to know Pewds doens't mascape his legs.

  • GachaVerse Animator
    GachaVerse Animator


  • Apocrypha

    Gosaku armour is cool though

  • Apocrypha

    Why didn't he wear the gosaku armour?

  • GRammy Mobile
    GRammy Mobile


  • can sidDBS get 69,420 subs with vid?
    can sidDBS get 69,420 subs with vid?

    Felix plays a little bit off camera Evry one - I feel a crack in my heart

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  • Zeeshan Azad
    Zeeshan Azad

    Plays on a 15" screen with the sun pointed at him; "Why am I dying so much?!" -.-

    • ಠ益ಠ

      Then complains that game is too easy and says he loses interest. Bumps up difficulty then complains on how fast he dies and how he “glitches”

  • Legoum Legoum
    Legoum Legoum

    I got the same logo on my socks too

  • Kaitlynn Rose
    Kaitlynn Rose

    Chubbyemu’s next video: man does 20 crunches every time he dies in a video game. This is what happened to his kidneys.

  • Tal Golubov
    Tal Golubov

    He's so bad at this game

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  • Jesus- -Son of God
    Jesus- -Son of God

    At 28:35 why did it sound like the mongols were rapping

  • Cryptic Fears
    Cryptic Fears


  • WORLD OF THE GAMES_ عالم الألعاب
    WORLD OF THE GAMES_ عالم الألعاب


  • NEW PRO Gamer
    NEW PRO Gamer

    I like you but you saying fuucking mongolia im so sad im every time watching you now unsubribe and never watching you

  • NEW PRO Gamer
    NEW PRO Gamer

    Mongolia all youtubers unsubribe

  • NEW PRO Gamer
    NEW PRO Gamer

    Bro pls dont say fuuucking mongolia pls

  • mohsin ali
    mohsin ali

    You skipped some play through pewds

  • Zoloo Tay
    Zoloo Tay


  • Zoloo Tay
    Zoloo Tay

    I sad you becose I'm mongolian

  • Mohamed Hason
    Mohamed Hason


  • Brandon Ojeda
    Brandon Ojeda

    100 mil subs but less than a million view on these vids wow

  • Asuka Sama
    Asuka Sama

    The struggle...

  • zein husna
    zein husna


  • Malini Basdeo
    Malini Basdeo

    I was enjoying these playthroughs so much until he started offline playing and making everyone miss big parts of the game

  • Donsgame

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    I really love pewdiepie, I've been watching him for many years, He really inspires me to make my own youtube channel, If you don't mind please subscribe my channel too okay thanks

  • Jefferson Tabangcora
    Jefferson Tabangcora

    why is there no part 5 and 6?

    • Ohm Charan
      Ohm Charan

      It's just below the speech analysis expert reviews pewdiepie video in the uploads section both 5 and 6 pewdiepie forgot to add it to the playlist for some reason though

  • Epic4700 YT
    Epic4700 YT

    What happened to episode 5 and 6?

    • Ohm Charan
      Ohm Charan

      It's just below the speech analysis expert reviews pewdiepie video in the uploads section both 5 and 6 pewdiepie forgot to add it to the playlist for some reason though

  • Dennis Johansson
    Dennis Johansson

    Hade ingen aning att han snusade asså 😂

  • LP

    I’d be cool if the last enemy sometimes surrenders or tries to run and if you left them alive your legend grows

  • Raka Wajdi
    Raka Wajdi

    Bruh you skipped the Sakai arch

  • Cutlet 01
    Cutlet 01


  • Benjamin Sigouin
    Benjamin Sigouin

    I don’t even know what’s happening, you fucked up the timeline real hard by playing offline. Gj felix

  • Hindol Banerjee
    Hindol Banerjee

    Screenshot simulator 2020

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma


  • Florensia Ivory
    Florensia Ivory

    You can't stand Fisherman's Friend? Weakling!

  • Brennen Porter
    Brennen Porter

    Fisherman’s friend is supposed to be sucked not swallowed

  • BeyondAir

    when you running out of ideas

  • Richard Mahendra
    Richard Mahendra

    I can't stand it anymore pewds. I watched the entire playthrough, 1 to 7 and hoped that you will get better on this game. But you don't😅 You can't fight.. don't understand the game.. not focused well.. missing all the secrets.. don't even know how to go in the right ways on the map.. spending time running around just for looking a way through even though you already pass it and I already see it..(this happened multiple times).. always depends on your bow and arrows(and luck).. not being a ghost or samurai, but being an archer and things thrower. I cursed the whole entire playthrough because the way you play this game. Overall.. you can't play this game. Sorry to say but that's what I felt🙃

  • guilty ostrich
    guilty ostrich

    POOR GANG POOR GANG we are poor but we are many

  • Sleepy Pierrot
    Sleepy Pierrot

    Thats a sit up tho *cries* still funny tho XD

  • Pablo Menjivar
    Pablo Menjivar

    Why does he always have to ruin the armor y some way or another, gets the coolest armor, wear a corona mask, fixes the mask and wears badass one.... Proceeds to wear a plushie sword

  • Shea Murdock
    Shea Murdock

    Pewds : Let’s get swole gamers. Me eating my fourth donut this morning

  • Ivan Simeonov
    Ivan Simeonov

    Pewdiepie gym equipment! Pewdiepie gyms across all of UK,!

  • anthibz

    the fact that you sticked to the rule is impressive

  • Selmir Avdic
    Selmir Avdic

    pedws looks like Cobra Commander.

  • Rocky12345

    Glad to see this made possible to watch by what everyone is calling the poor gang people. I guess I fit into the poor gang now days since a certain C pandemic hit the world and my business went to crap because of it. It is sad that can not even afford tier 2 membership now because of it being that the bills come in faster than the money coming in. SO thank you Pewds for at least letting the poor gang watch this as well. God I hate that term poor gang but I do hope everyone can bounce back from all of this when and if the pandemic crap gets under control. Would be nice to be able to afford even the smallest of things like memberships that barely cost anything again hell I even had to cancel Netflix because it was $13.99 CAD a month and it was the first thing to go after all hell broke lose in the world. Thanks PewDiePie for the full video series on this game.

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    U already did some of the duels too? And u got deaths dance wtf? Goddamn, u played at least 7 hours then

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Bruh did he already do the Yuriko side quest? Damn that sucks. Wanted to see his reaction

  • Cole Bodie
    Cole Bodie

    “I played some off stream”😐

  • O'brien


  • FoldLeft

    You should do a bunch of lateral dumbbell raises instead of crunches or pushups

  • العاب مملكة العرب-Kingdom of Arabia games
    العاب مملكة العرب-Kingdom of Arabia games

    To love pewdiepie shares with me

  • Kenneth Adams
    Kenneth Adams

    Yo how did he get the armor?

  • Bea Cabacungan
    Bea Cabacungan

    Subscribe to Mr.Beast and PewDiePie!

  • Doc.Smiley


  • janya


  • Ruat Sanga
    Ruat Sanga

    Whoa where'd he get the armour from....its a bit of a jump from playthrough #6 to #7?

    • Joker 8BP
      Joker 8BP

      Played offline..

  • Jacob Schubert
    Jacob Schubert

    Screen Shot Gang Big PP

  • TheInkyPanda


  • Erbium99

    Who else did crunches along even though it’s not live anymore? Lol

  • Shivang Singh
    Shivang Singh


  • The Editor's cut
    The Editor's cut

    love the series, been binge watching all the streams

  • Nicolas D'Abadie
    Nicolas D'Abadie

    wtf pewds has leg ??

  • Artist for Hire S
    Artist for Hire S

    when your girlfriend watches the tv series you were watching together without you...

  • FrostySniper

    Let this episode be a reminder to pay attention when a game tells you something important, as in the red glint attacks are unblockable moves.

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

      Not gonna happen lol

  • Bill

    He played off screen not cool

  • joel narvarte
    joel narvarte

    him singing the jabba the hut song brought back good memories

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