She Showers With Her MOM?!
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  • Luna 1333
    Luna 1333

    i think we all know what felix looks like..

  • Random Name
    Random Name

    the last one reminded me of janice from friends^^ ...just twice... LOL wrote that before watching till the end! hahaha

  • Omar Marai
    Omar Marai

    Full vid on phub lmao

  • Chaos

    Pewdiepie looking like he showers with his sister tho

  • Dinesh Gaire
    Dinesh Gaire

    she is not 19 thats cap

  • Cam Johnston
    Cam Johnston


  • immrdude

    I use to shower with my mom but I was 4 years old lol

  • lovelyangel

    Has anyone seen this before Bc I swear I remember he made a video about this

  • TheInfamousTog

    "As a parent, it's your job to make sure your kid is dependent on their own." That's independent

  • lovelyangel

    Wait I saw this video before.... mhmm

  • Mr.Morales

    I just saw a video and it had a kickstarter spoiler: I got rickrolled and I thought I would this time but no thank god

  • 【丂卂爪丂ㄩ几Ꮆ卂爪乇尺乙ㄚㄒ】

    you med me sed pewd

  • Zz CrazZy Zzz Z
    Zz CrazZy Zzz Z

    I showered with my mom when i was 5 Lolll its true btw👀

  • RomanceJones

    Independent: exists as a word Pewdiepie: dependent on your own

  • Weifang Wu
    Weifang Wu

    Pewdiepie-"dependent on their own" The word "independent"-👁👄👁

  • Andy Chow
    Andy Chow

    I actually don't think it's so weird for women to shower together. Most mammals will have women showering together, while males shower alone. Like Hippos or Elephants.

  • Samiur Rahman
    Samiur Rahman

    Felix is probably jealous because he doesn't get to shower with Marzia

  • Tarzanaden

    Marthia, 68 years young, who tf says that

  • Kiwi k
    Kiwi k

    i stopped showering with parents when i was 6-7. Not because it was weird but because they felt i was old enough to shower on my own and didn't need their help. They have stuff to do, no "bath time with kids" bs

  • Neo Dong
    Neo Dong

    The simple answer: SEND THE DAUGHTER TO THE RANCH

  • Thomas Fandetti
    Thomas Fandetti

    16:02 i am a twin and i fcking hate my brother

  • AlexChannel

    Well, that was weird...

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith

    Felix you don’t know what hookie is

  • xXPvp GhostXx
    xXPvp GhostXx

    The poor cameraman

  • Isaiah Coonce
    Isaiah Coonce


  • Reacti Core
    Reacti Core

    Fekix looks like a nascar driver and idk how to feel

  • Rajan Kunwar
    Rajan Kunwar

    Weird people are judging each other 🤣 wait may be i am weird they are normal 🤔 fuck

  • Fir_ Gimang
    Fir_ Gimang

    Hahaahah is cool bro😂😂

  • Max Dimke
    Max Dimke

    I am intensely uncomfortable

  • Billy Liang
    Billy Liang

    I feel bad for Chanel and the Dad. If my 50 year old mom was being a slut (too harsh?) with my sister and going to Vegas in revealing clothes I might as well leave the family.

  • Abd3l gamer
    Abd3l gamer

    It's more weird than aliens

  • Marshall Lee
    Marshall Lee

    What the hell is up with moms trying to turn their daughters into best friends. Like, no, that just doesn’t work

  • Sakonema

    1:08 Two girls, one cup. I would shower with Marz even though she's not (probably) my mother. What happened to the mom's skin? Is that eskimo/black shade of something?

  • Shi Eun Lee 이시은
    Shi Eun Lee 이시은

    The mom looks like Janice the muppet omg

  • Amaya Crak 785
    Amaya Crak 785

    estuve todo el video pensando que con la forma en la que hablan y lo de la ducha eso era como un video nopor xd

  • Katherine Baginski
    Katherine Baginski

    Build Minecraft

  • Sureshiainde

    Tell me what you want but my mom is my mom, not my "friend". She is a parent... I love her, I like her, I can joke with her and do fun stuff with her, but she still is my parent... Everything in this video was mega weird xd.

  • unpopular existence
    unpopular existence

    isn't it weirder if Brittani showers with Frank

    • hello, is it me u r looking for
      hello, is it me u r looking for

      t h a n k y o u captain obvious

  • Tempski

    How the daughter talks about her mom just makes me cringe....

  • TJ Michael
    TJ Michael

    I'd shower with anyone's mom.

  • Henry Tang
    Henry Tang

    I don't think you can judge showering with your parents when you expected your teacher wipe for you :D

  • Katabellion

    not epic I'm talking about tuber simulator

  • Logan Woodson
    Logan Woodson

    Eww nasty


    'dependent on their own" YOU MEAN INDEPENDENT FELIX HAHAH

  • Asmr Game Grumps
    Asmr Game Grumps

    I still shower with my mom. Nothing weird about it. My friends call me weird since she died in 2004 but they are just jealous

  • 마스터이발젭급

    댓글단거 한국인이네 ㅋㅋ

  • Alice Bradley
    Alice Bradley

    It’s basically incest. She got married and her daughter acted like she’s being cheated on

  • likesonggame

    Pewds: "They share the same coffee cup" Pewds: Lives with Marzia and spits everywhere


    I wish i had a mom

  • shriram ram
    shriram ram

    Felix is gayyyy

  • fernando de almeida raasch
    fernando de almeida raasch

    Those people on the video were fucking crazy

  • alex ilca
    alex ilca

    wtfff 108 milions subschiber? omgggg

  • Oleksandr Zelentsov
    Oleksandr Zelentsov

    This sound Felix makes.. Almost makes me want him to wake me up with that.. NO!! Stop it!

  • Denis Yamaletdinov
    Denis Yamaletdinov

    Кто из России ???

  • Rh Haog
    Rh Haog


  • Jaiden

    All fun and games until the go pro gets hacked

  • PG5

    it feels like watching Japanese PH on INlabel and that hella sus

  • Badri Snake
    Badri Snake

    Wtf is wrong with America! o-O

  • Zex Grayson
    Zex Grayson

    Felix is shedding knowledge at this point ..

  • Bouncy Spring
    Bouncy Spring

    I thought he said *bass* like Adam Nelly But it was *based* :’)

  • Cartoon Mar
    Cartoon Mar

    You are 108 million and I am 105 people

  • Dooby Dar
    Dooby Dar

    I would probably describe my mum as my best friend, but she doesn't smother me like these mums, she knows when to give me independence

  • Girl Delight
    Girl Delight

    The fact that the mom rated Britney then her children and then frank shows that frank should leave her and the poor siblings.. like she rated them on worldwide television saying Britney THEN my other two kids like wtf is wrong with her!?

  • Girl Delight
    Girl Delight

    OMG the poor camera that had to film the shower scene....

  • Darkphizer

    The first thing that popped into my head was - Someone had to edit this. Apply the blur... This was their job. Now THAT, that has got to be awkward :p Frame by frame. Neverending frames :p

  • abubakar mansoor
    abubakar mansoor

    i hate parents hmmm

  • abubakar mansoor
    abubakar mansoor

    wtf licking

  • Bsp Meth
    Bsp Meth

    I like the fact that the licker mom say that she is 68 year young

  • Unusual fish
    Unusual fish

    I’m 34 male and I shower with my dad what’s so weird about that? Just kidding I don’t have a father.....

  • Liltle

    damn shirtless felix makes me gay. dude man... why

  • Trippie Bluee
    Trippie Bluee

    That was the best into song ever

  • Texas Red
    Texas Red

    Like she believes in Jesus

  • Azhar Qamar
    Azhar Qamar

    3.6k disslike mean they all shower with there parents lmao

  • Angelos

    Normal soap is actually really bad for your skin felix. true about japan btw, tho its more like a hottub where its not about getting clean or whatever so prupose is different from western bathing.

  • oranje 548
    oranje 548

    She sounds like the girl that wouldn't go to friends houses and cry because she misses her mom

  • Koirasd Illuminati oy
    Koirasd Illuminati oy

    Wtf is this bs pls delete amerika ffs

  • GM A3
    GM A3

    apa ini channel pudidi?

  • Black Family
    Black Family

    i'm waiting to see that buff picture of ned flanders in the next meme review

  • Latif rizki Ramadhan
    Latif rizki Ramadhan

    Helo pudidi

  • ItsTiff

    I can’t even get changed in front of my parents❗️ unless I got back to when i was 6,7 no thanx

  • Blake Harrington
    Blake Harrington

    I think ken made this exact video 🤔🤔

  • BumperRobin7169


  • Alvinandthesquirels

    Krack head of the highest order 0:08

  • Syed Abdulrahman Hussaini
    Syed Abdulrahman Hussaini

    Lol bruh might as well simp with her

  • Farzad Khademi
    Farzad Khademi

    Shit 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dstoaster

    5:27: Donald Trump face

  • Dstoaster

    Pewdiepie getting that henry cavill superman mustache non cgi

  • Queen K
    Queen K

    The last mother-daughter relationship is probably the most normal one. Yes, maybe it's a little bit too much closeness but at the same time, it's not something that is repulsive.

  • Shattered Saturn
    Shattered Saturn

    In Japan family and friends bathe together in hot springs. Ever seen an anime Feeeeeeeeeelix?

    • Shattered Saturn
      Shattered Saturn

      shit, i commented on this video before he acknowledged that they do bathe together in Japan.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    You look like my grandpa He’s dead

  • Youssef Gaming
    Youssef Gaming

    My mom died when I was 4

  • AQUA 9485
    AQUA 9485

    Man this is disgusting 🤢

  • Annakii Pulleine
    Annakii Pulleine

    Man if my sister or mum started liking me i probbliy slap her

  • Antonio S
    Antonio S

    just wait into one get covid19

  • Mistermink 8
    Mistermink 8


  • josue mora
    josue mora

    She looks as if someone tried to draw Mariah Carey from memory.

  • Gamingkid1801

    This is a little weird... but dont they have community bathing houses in Japan? Not sure just thought they did.

  • Demetrius Hiscox
    Demetrius Hiscox

    He's slowly becoming Steven Ogg day by day.

  • Nitesh Aru
    Nitesh Aru

    3:29 "dependent on their own" and not "independent". that's what you do when want to stretch your answer

  • _Baki Baki_
    _Baki Baki_

    “Ghetto mermaids” had me dead 💀

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