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  • Azhar Qamar
    Azhar Qamar

    3.6k disslike mean they all shower with there parents lmao

  • Whale

    F1 driver’s neck workouts look intense

  • GuestPlayz_Yt

    U ca do it my guys u can beat T_Series which is so trash trash trash trash trash T-Series more like T-Trash

  • hey it’s mel
    hey it’s mel

    All I learned from this video is planet fitness full of crackheads

  • Keishawn Begay
    Keishawn Begay

    Ngl i watch for the bro fist

  • kittylazerpizza

    8:11 at the bottom right

  • Alex 13
    Alex 13

    Who watch this in 2020

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE

    Is this LWIAY?

  • Бугагуль Play
    Бугагуль Play


  • muhammad ibrahim
    muhammad ibrahim

    do a 3D Among us video with mr beast u'll love it

  • Nikos Milios
    Nikos Milios

    2020 be like full stack netherite

  • kylee poole
    kylee poole

    not the collab we deserved , but the collab we needed .

  • Uk drill _
    Uk drill _

    What a collab

  • Jessie Miller
    Jessie Miller


  • Custmzir

    The best intro ever

  • Yasuke Aya
    Yasuke Aya

    me watching pewdiepie killing his own servant :(

  • Malakai K
    Malakai K

    My girlfriend used to be an assistant manager at planet fitness, this is actually pretty common and hilarious to see 😂

  • Rel FC
    Rel FC

    Johnny Joestar Hat? Anyone?

  • valerija hellum
    valerija hellum

    nice video made me go haha

  • thefuny daino
    thefuny daino

    This got recommended to me 6 years later, I'm interested that there's still no "this got recommended to me" comments still

  • banana_trauma


  • Karasuma Mishima
    Karasuma Mishima


  • Seven Salty Seas
    Seven Salty Seas

    On our way to a million comments bois.

  • The Indian Shady
    The Indian Shady

    Literally it's truth We came to t series because of pewdiepie

  • Ananth Shiva
    Ananth Shiva

    Spam em spam em

  • Rushabh Chheda
    Rushabh Chheda

    Thumbnail is clickbait. Then again Felix has original premium content. Lol

  • Kush_god420 LX
    Kush_god420 LX

    For all of you uncultured swines the “guy that Felix said looks like a circus at 6:35” he’s just practicing his real wrestling 🤼‍♂️/mma takedowns 👁👄👁 look it up search Olympic wrestling😂😂😂

  • John luke maqatish
    John luke maqatish

    The machine you kept asking ab is an assisted pull-up machine.

  • Elyjhu Van Espiritu
    Elyjhu Van Espiritu

    What a nice intro Pewds

  • Byakko

    Why must these people record the embarrassing moments of other people, what is wrong with redditors dude, just mind your own fucking business

  • Mensi Mohamed Dhiaa
    Mensi Mohamed Dhiaa

    KSI has the best "for fuck sake mate"

  • Brownie Tech
    Brownie Tech

    Subscribe me for no reason 🤣

  • Addi Panda
    Addi Panda

    You annoying

  • Josh Pittenger
    Josh Pittenger

    This is just pf fails

  • Rei D T
    Rei D T

    Almost a million comment bois, les' go

  • Auri Bunny
    Auri Bunny

    Planet fitness has cheap prices 😂 that’s why everyone goes

  • shapeless dreams
    shapeless dreams

    The thumbnail is not gonna be in this one is it...

  • Shayantan Ganguly
    Shayantan Ganguly

    This guy needs a dose of indian parenting were they whoop the kids ass if they behave that badly... and trust me thats why indian kids are so well behaved and respectful to their elders

  • Ask Me
    Ask Me

    pewdiepie best reaction videos big PP

  • David Rivera
    David Rivera

    Chantels mom looks like a cucumber XD

  • Rishita Umasankaran
    Rishita Umasankaran

    ppl be spammin

  • Jose !
    Jose !

    Most of those clips were from Planet Fitness which I go to and ALL the machines have instructions you can’t really miss it but This Is America 🤦‍♂️😂

  • uros andjelkovic
    uros andjelkovic

    3:30 that machine is for thoes who cant do many pull upsit lowers your weight and makes pull ups easier

  • MJ gaming
    MJ gaming


  • MyAnkleNeedsVitaminD

    It's funny how the person at 1:04 called pewdiepie fan's and his girlfriend 'gay' when he is the one looking like the most gayest person ever

  • ahmed warya
    ahmed warya

    This Video became Felix just bullying The Fat Lady I know that for a Scandinavian person it's so easy to agree with the Moroccan Guy staying healthy is number good job Felix

  • Exotic proxi
    Exotic proxi


  • MTG Hellas channel
    MTG Hellas channel

    Your intro made with mine master

  • Saideep Macherla
    Saideep Macherla

    This video was educational ig live the moment I get what they are saying

  • Veer Singh
    Veer Singh

    so pewdiepie i s now using clickbait shit like putting such thumbnail :(

  • Afif

    This video got demonetized for such a stupid reason

  • Faithless

    Did he just edit the last part?



  • potatoe

    This music video got twice as pewdiepie's subs

  • Sohan Prasad
    Sohan Prasad

    Brother plz help my parents gave me a phone for attending online class , I broke my phone's display , the display cost 70$ icant afford that, I'm 15 I can't convence my parents to buy me a new phone ,plz help your subscriber,plzz reply I live in India



  • Subham Prasad Pattnayak
    Subham Prasad Pattnayak


  • Lanka Gate
    Lanka Gate

    Who don’t like T series?

    • Hana Mae?!?
      Hana Mae?!?

      Lmao im hee for the greatest internet war I aint hate anyone😂

  • Joker OP
    Joker OP




  • Neeraj Kona
    Neeraj Kona

    5:16 bad CAMARAA

  • Hoetaro.

    11:58 pewds literally me trying to hide my comic books back in elementary

  • Empty Empathy
    Empty Empathy

    I’m still here

    • Hana Mae?!?
      Hana Mae?!?

      Me too

  • Tuna Çelen
    Tuna Çelen

    his first video

  • sniffitick

    If you look at racing drivers they have massive necks

  • Kartik arora
    Kartik arora

    didn't this video get copyrighted?? INlabel just hates felix

  • PurpleFox

    petition for part 2

  • Pendji

    Crossfit is the stupidest shit ever. You see these roided up hulks go to Dubai for a competition and then all they do is jump hurdles BUT DO PUSH UPS IN BETWEEN. It's a sport that realizes it's not a sport so it adds all kinds of weird shit in between the few basic motions they got going for them.

  • Parag Misra
    Parag Misra

    What was he wearing

  • Snorlaxxx

    Felix singing Corse's Song . Yes

  • Ale

    when gee started playing i lost it

  • MidSleepMeister

    What is it with americans and ACs... Where I live we turn on the heater if it's cold and open the windows if it's hot. Pretty fucking simple...

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez

    That's exactly what u find at planet fitness is just cuz is the cheapest gym u can go to in USA that's why everyone is there

  • Rose Jaeger
    Rose Jaeger

    "Beastiality Juice" Me: Uses the bathroom, "Kinda remind me of that Beastiality Juice." Sorry for the bad sense in humor. I actually love Gfuel

  • Romi

    Liking bread is really all it takes

  • Rampa Papam
    Rampa Papam

    the biggest idiots are the ones who pull the phone and start to filming it instead of going there and help the other....

  • Reju .
    Reju .

    Just sub to me for no reason

  • Dárió Csipszer
    Dárió Csipszer

    *I would not recommend machines. Maybe it is safer when you use them properly, but it is not better than regular weights.*

  • COSMOS335

    is not that they are noobs, they just have mental disorder